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Bill Cotter

Vanishing Los Angeles

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We were just downtown Saturday and I kept expecting to see Superman fly out of a window at the Daily Planet Building. The locals may think it's City Hall but we know better, right? I'm heading back there in a few minutes and will keep my eye out for him.

Here are a few more shots for you. First, the famous Cinerama Dome:


and Vine Street:


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I know where there's still an oil well in Torrance. It's in the parking lot behind King's Hawaiian Restaurant. At least it was still there a few years ago.

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Ah, nightmare traffic! The reason I will always have a job. You can listen to my traffic reports on KNX 1070 Newsradio in Los Angeles. I'm on the air from 2P to 7P, Monday through Friday. Also listen online at www.knx1070.com. Also, on AOL Radio. Will be more than happy to give my fellow forum members traffic info to help you out on the road. If you contact me through the forum, I'll give you my studio extension, so you can get right to me when traveling.

Just bought the 5 CD set Walt Disney and the World's Fair at Disneyland on Sunday. Fun listening. Brings back so many memories.


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