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    I have it for some of them, Jim, and will post a map soon that has a lot of that on it.
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    Dad got really upset when he turned and saw young me eating a cookie as we were leaving our apartment building in early 60s. Made me finish it before going out in street. Now people open packages and eat in grocery stores then pathetically offer the wrinkled bar code on the soggy wrapper to the bemused checkout clerk to scan. As an adult it always made more sense to wear a sport coat for travel rather than stuffed in luggage. Increased chance of overbook upgrade too. Its almost like people dress down to deliberately show how casual they are about the world. Excuse me, I have to chase some kids off my lawn.
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    Hey Bill, Wow, another great book coming down the pike. In 1986, as a side trip to attending Expo `86, I visited the Expo `74 site. Looked like it had been a great little expo. While in town I was able to pickup the official expo `74 retrospect book, coffee table style. Nice to have, but really, did I need to see a full page photo of a kid covered in strawberry syrup, while many major pavilions had no coverage. From all your past books, I know this will not happen in this one, and we will be treated to a really good look at the site. Looking forward to this, and your Expo 67 book. Remember, Hemisfair`s 50th anniversary is around the corner (hint, hint) Fred
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    Sure looks like the later fair to me.