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    She is being remodeled! New glass fencing instead of grid on the observation deck and glass floor in the restaurant is just part of it. Here is a link to what they are doing to bring this lovely lady into the 21st Century! https://www.spaceneedle.com/about-renovation/ and a peek....
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    Question: Who was this parrot, and what did he do at the World's Fair? Carnac: He was named "Cracker", and was trained to say "Come to Florida" as people passed by. Source: Florida Historical Quarterly, Spring 2010
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    What a striking picture---and beautifully composed. The all-white uniforms contrast well with the bluish flooring, while the state map provides a nice design element. Like most good images, the eye is lead into an important subject, the flag-bearers, which enhance the motion of the marching squad. I'm reminded of the spectacular, golden-haired all-girl marching band that bid our ship farewell at the dock in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2012.
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    The 1940 season of the 1939-40 New York World's Fair saw the addition of "The Streets of Paris" show, featuring Gypsy Rose Lee. It was supposedly quite popular. From original negatives.
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    June 1964. Doesn't the driver look just thrilled?
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    Hello Everyone: As we celebrate today's 50th anniversary of the opening day of HemisFair '68, I am also excited about celebrating the 7th anniversary of the launching of my website www.worldsfair68.info. Exciting to take a step back for a moment and see what has grown from a basic idea of collecting a few items from HemisFair '68 and putting them on a shelf at home 12 years ago in 2006. Never would I have thought that in 2008 I would begin working on the idea for a small webpage which evolved into a large website launched in 2011 or that by 2018 I would have a collection of over 1,000+ items related to HemisFair '68 and be part of the 50th anniversary. I has definitely been a great adventure and can't wait to see where it leads to next.
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    We miss him. He was such a great contributor- and a friend to everybody.
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    1893 Grover Cleveland Visit Medal. Struck to commemorate President Grover Cleveland's visit to the World's Columbian Exposition and United States Mint Exhibit on May 1st 1893. Not sure if these were issued only on the day of his visit or continued as a souvenir item. The number of known examples would suggest a fairly limited distribution.
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    We posted some articles last week about President Cleveland's visit to the 1893 World's Fair, to commemorate the anniversary of his birth (March 18, 1837): http://worldsfairchicago1893.com/tag/grover-cleveland/ We'll be posting much more about his visit for Opening Day of the Fair in the days leading up to May 1 (the 125th Anniversary). Despite his recent cancer diagnosis in March of 1893 (thanks for that information, Jim!), Mr. Cleveland continued to smoke cigars in May 1893. The enormous crowds on the fairgrounds for the opening ceremony showered Grover Cleveland with respect and continuous cheers. “The dignity which becomes a great office was manifest in President Cleveland’s bearing," wrote the Tribune. "… he stood out in all the majesty of power which is of the people, comes from the people, and returns to the people.”
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    Here's a version of the Safeco picture that more closely matches the others I have of that pavilion from a number of sources.
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    The colors bring the early 1960s back to life. Maybe its the age of the film or perhaps the colors were that dramatic but it all reminds me of Fizzies or all those different flavors of Jello or Life Savers. And that's not bad thing. It's how we hoped the future world be--colorful beyond imagination. The first three photos are a great example of why this seventy plus acre fair was called a "Jewel Box." It was a little fantasy world planted right in the middle of sprawling Seattle. I also think of a line from Frasier. Marty Crane was checking on Frasier who was ill and the thought of food made him even more sick. Marty was trying to recall when he felt that rotten and came up with a few memories that would make anybody gag. Then he hit one out of the park: "Oh, I remember now. 1962. World's Fair. The Tilt-A-Whirl was located right next to the Taste of India...."
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    That's such an amazing poster. It's a great period piece and it captures so much of the colorful excitement of the Fair. The flame shooting from the top of the Space Needle is perfect. It's 1962 all over again. Thank you, Ken.
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    Hello Folks, I went on a more-or-less 2 day search for a photo, which I did not find, that nearly culminated in me irradiating myself by opening the wrong box! A first - I can't find a photo. It's like Geology - I went about 5 years down. DK, are you still out there? You may have what I think I misplaced. Anyway, I ran into lots of stuff. Below is a very small detail cropped from an aerial - March 7, 1941 - showing what was left of my favorite area of this 1939 Fair. The Astronomer is looking a bit confused - fortunately he is still facing away, to the future and tomorrow, and is spared this sight. I am not used to seeing him from this angle but his head looks a biot odd - turned way more than usual. Must be the angle. Those little dots around there are people. It is a very disturbing image. I will more than make it up to you in my next post (8th Avenue Independant Subway Station) - I promise. Not as rare as this to be sure, but something you just don't see. My best Fair Friend has said "Eric always has another envelope" - and he is right Best wishes, Eric March 7, 1941 The New York World's Fair Theme Center being demolished. © EKL Images 2014 Another bit from 1941 - the Parachute Jump...minus the Parachute Jump. Assembled 3 times, dismantled twice...hurry, there is one Lifesaver left! 1939 New York World's Fair © EKL Images2014
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