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    Thanks for the post, Glen. Always good to hear from you. Happily we haven't had too many problems with trolls, and we do our best to take care of them as fast as possible when they surface. And I do try to keep politics, at least current ones, out of here so there's a place I can go without having to wory about the Argument of the Day from some folks on Facebook, etc. I plan on moving the board to a new host this summer, and will see what can be done about those missing images at that time. Same basic software, just a different hosting company.
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    The Twilight Zone... Maybe that is Global 33, the jet liner on route from London to NYC in 1961 that broke the sound and time barrier and found itself lost over New York City in 1939 with the world's fair below them . If "you hear the sound of jet engines flyings atop the overcast--engines that sound searching and lost--engines that sound desperate--shoot up a flare or do something. That would be Global 33 trying to get home--from The Twilight Zone." --Rod Serling, February 24, 1961 (episode 54)
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    After having scanned thousands of slides from the Fair it's always fun to spot something new. Here's a view of a sign advertising "Disneyland Fun - Pepsi World's Fair Pavilion" on the way in to the Gotham Gate from the subway. I've never seen that sign before. It did it's best to hide in the shadows, as seen in the original scan. Newly restored 126 format slide from August 1965. and the original scan:
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    ****WARNING: Long, Rambling Post Alert!**** Thank you, Trey! And I think this response might be indicative of what happened to so many of the regulars around here. When I came back and saw this thread I kinda made a promise to myself that I would come around more often and keep up with everything going on in the forums. Then...a month-and-a-half passed before I came back and saw your post above! No excuse, it's just what it is. The interesting thing about a community like this is that the one thing we all know about each other is that we all have at least ONE thing in common. And the whole point of this site is to celebrate that common interest. But of course we all have complete lives that contain so many other interests, commitments, responsibilities and so on... I'll bet many former members still (and always will) have that passion they feel/felt for the Fair, but other things just had to take precedence. I might try to reach out to a couple of the people mentioned in the OP to see if they might drop by to check in. We'll see if I actually get around to doing that! Trey, I also consider you a good friend, and am ever-thankful to this board for "introducing" me to you and so many others who I wouldn't have met otherwise, but who I now consider to be friends (yes, even if it's only an online friendship). When I first discovered the board I had only been "into" World's Fairs for a few years. At first it was exclusively 1939-40 (as I believe was the case with you at one point as well, correct Trey?). Then it spread to 1964-65. As mentioned earlier I was born a few years after the 1964-65 NYWF gates closed for good. So, unlike many of the original members, I had never had the opportunity to actually attend the Fair. But The wealth of information that everyone had and the passion for the subject really drew me in. I lurked for about a year and didn't actually join and start posting until someone here actually posted about ME when I had put up a display of my collection at the Worcester Public Library for the 40th anniversary of the '64 Fair (and 75th anniversary of '39). I quickly went from a "newbie" who knew practically nothing about the Fairs into being at least well-versed in the subject. Friends and family probably considered me to be an expert on the Fairs, but I knew the true experts were here. Like Trey mentioned, Facebook groups are riddled with inaccuracies that you don't really find here. If something incorrect is stated someone will more likely than not correct it. The FB groups are kind of like Wikipedia, while the WFC feels a bit more like a true encyclopedia, even if it is being "published" by its members. While I've rarely find myself visiting over the past few years, I love the fact that I can still get here by typing "pea" into my computer. It still autofills "peacethroughunderstanding.org" and clicking that STILL brings me here (yes, that DOES also say something not so good about the age of my computer, but that's another story). I feel that old name really did mean a lot to the board beyond being the theme of the Fair. There really did seem to be a lot of peace and understanding between members. It was like a micro-version of what the Fair proposed to accomplish--on a small community scale. Like I mentioned above, we all have different things that mean something to us, but we all have the Fair(s) in common. If we started veering from that (as is likely to happen in Facebook or other places) I'm sure that peace would have been short-lived. The few members who would come along and seem to only want to cause trouble or start something (ie: trolls) would quickly learn that this community didn't go for that. They'd usually calm down and join in on the fun--or possibly be banned. I can't say I've ever seen much in the way of politics being discussed here, and that makes me glad. Politics are extremely important, but also extremely polarizing. And, obviously, that's not the reason I come here. Sorry, I got long-winded once again. Oh well, that's just what I do I guess!
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    Newly restored 35mm slide from my collection.
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    Newly restored Instamatic 126 format slide from my collection.
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    Eric, you’re absolutely right. I’m just so completely used to the media treating me like a piñata that I hold my nose and pinch media links between my thumb and forefinger at arm’s length when pasting to PTU. I think Ben Rhodes’ quote holds up... “The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns… They literally know nothing.”
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    Oh yes, Bill. Indelible. Sometimes, for just a moment or two, I can actually sense the feel of the late summer air, the Unisphere aglow, the sounds of the crowd, the incredible night time color. But the sensation only lasts for a few seconds.
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    Sounds like me when I was leaving for the last time. I imagine many of us here had the same sort of moment. Quite indelible, wasn't it?
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    I rememeber arriving at the Fair on our second day in early September of 1965. I also remember standing on that platform that night as we departed and looking back trying to absorb every shape and every color. I wanted to remember the view of the Fair forever. So far, I have.
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    Newly restored 35mm slide from 1964.
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    Wonderful photos; many thanks for sharing with us.
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    Nice - thanks!
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    Join me for a look back at the Fair, starting with the construction through to the end of the wonderful event. I'll be speaking that night at the Mineola Memorial Library on Long Island. Free admission! I'll post more details as we get closer to it.
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    Undated restored 35mm slide.
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    Shown in what offices?
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    That is GREAT to hear, Bill! I knew that those things weren't generally too much of a problem, but was kind of giving credit for to the board (and its members). It's great to know that our administrators are actively keeping this a wonderful place to be. Thank you for all you do!
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    IF YOUR GONNA POST THIS, I RATHER YOU POST NOTHING AT ALL. My father had something special once. He died and it was lost forever. and no one cared. sincerely Vladimir Obviously I don't like a giant watermark either. This is not e-bay, where it is evident someone wants to earn a buck. As time goes by,,, there will be very few people alive from that wonderful fair and it will not be very special anymore.