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    The BIE is not relevant or at least it should not be in making this decision It has not spent one single cent to build anything at Expo 2020. The BIE’s irrelevance cannot be measured by any existing device. Remember that the IOC had virtually no intention of postponing the Tokyo Olympic Summer Games. Their slogan, “the games must go on,” was finally called into question when member nations. specifically Canada and Australia, announced they would not send their teams to Tokyo because of covid 19. Other nations announced the same intent and the US Olympic swimming organization expressed its desire that the games be postponed. If the Expo 2020 planners deem it best to postpone their exposition they should do so and ignore anything coming from the BIE. The BIE is an anachronism. Some of the greatest fairs in history were planned, built and enjoyed without “official sanction” of the BIE.. The BIE contributes nothing to any exposition. It builds nothing and offers no financial support. Robert Moses may have been correct over fifty years ago when he called the BIE “a bunch of old men in.a dingy Paris apartment.” In this situation, the BIE is desperately trying to justify its existence if it attempts to interfere in this exposition’s decision and its opinion doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.
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    I think I read that over ninety nations will be participating at this world’s fair but the USA can’t figure how to be a part of an exposition in a part of the world where we desperately need good relations and which will grow in importance throughout this century. We need the host nation to build the pavilion. It’s beyond embarrassing. It’s a total disgrace.
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    There initially were plans for a UN presence near the Astral Fountain. Not sure what derailed them.
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    I don’t know if it’s ok to post this here but I want to say that I grieve for New York City. The covid 19 virus is beating the hell out of that great city and there is no end in clear sight. The death toll for Friday, just in the five boroughs , was nearly 700. And it appears covid hot spots are now popping up in Suffolk and Nassau counties. I never thought I’d live to see such a thing as this. With all of our modernity and electronic wizardry, and a century removed from the last great pandemic in 1918, we are still no match for an invisible virus. These are desperate days for the greatest city in the world and its nearly nine million people.
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    This view of the Lunar Fountain area was taken in May 1964. I couldn't help but think how even more amazing the Fair would have been if empty plots like this one had been rented out.
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    I believe the BIE rules provide for postponement or extension of a world's fair based on Acts of God or labor disputes. I did an article for Ed Orth's publication Expo Info back in the late 60s or early 70s and wrote to the BIE to access information. Based on the data they provided me at the time, the 1937 Paris Exhibition was offered a chance to extend their run beyond the usual 6 month period based on floods and labor strikes that delayed the opening of several pavilions beyond the fair's opening date in May of 1937. The US Pavilion wasn't officially opened until July. The French government wisely decided to decline the offer due to the mounting threat of war.
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    Wow - maybe it was not intended, but the way that's worded it sounds like it's unsure if the BIE will do the right thing or be obstinate idiots.
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    Hi All, A poorly colored cropped photo of of a slide that actually has superb color and subject - will share a better scan when I can.
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    Thanks Jim. You are right - they have the whole thing to themselves! I took another quick stab at the photo:
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    It’s an absolutely wonderful photograph in its own way. It captures a quite moment in time. Those two kids have the entire Theme Center to themselves. I cannot fully explain but this is exactly the type of photograph that makes me want to return to the Park and try to find and stand on the exact spot where those two are playing, to just stand there and look at the photograph and feel transported to another time. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.
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    The US had huge pavilions of groundbreaking design at Brussels 1958, Montreal 1967, and Osaka 1970. The USSR also had large pavilions the were very flashy but maybe not quite as groundbreaking in their design and construction. The reason for these entries was the Cold War, each country trying to outdo the other. Since the end of the Cold War this has not been the case. At Expo 2000 in Hannover, the US started with a large pavilion and ended up construction nothing. The former USSR had a tiny exhibit located inside one of the vast halls that contained mostly Third World nations.
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    Thanks! The site says "Most of them retain the full range of colors present when they were first made." Excellent!
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    I believe only the autochromes that were published were retouched.....the 1st through 4th images are untouched autochromes.
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    1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition autochromes from various sources. Some were slightly retouched at the time for publication in periodicals and books....
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    Considering the current pandemic and the ensuing restrictions on international travel and large public gatherings, I wonder if Expo 2020 will be postponed or even cancelled altogether?
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    I just saw an article in Arabian Business that states the US isn’t even paying for this pavilion. Instead. It is being funded through the “generosity” of the government of the UAE. If this is correct I wouldn’t waste one minute inside of that pavilion. If the UAE has to fund the construction of an American pavilion that is just pathetic.
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    The brochure "Your Kodak at the New York World's Fair" mentions in a brief paragraph about the Eastman Garden "Don't miss the High Speed Photography Pavilion where you can take a picture in 1/100,000 second of a baseball crashing a pane of glass." Does anyone know more about this? Was it in inside the Kodak pavilion? Has such a shot surfaced somewhere?
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    Thanks for posting this link. Interesting tidbit about Minnesota. But under "Past US Pavilions", Seattle 1962 is there but no mention of the 1964-1965 World's Fair in New York. I wonder why?
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    Photo number seven as you scroll down; I rode on that in-store monorail. It must have been over sixty years ago now but it was a kid’s Christmas highlight. That particular monorail, The Rocket Ship, was in the toy department of E. W. Edward’s department store in downtown Syracuse. It was their flagship store and every kid in a radius of a hundred miles knew all about it. It was a Christmas rite of passage and a really good marketing tactic. One could see just about every toy in the place. And it circled Santa on his throne in the middle of Toyland. I also remember that the Rocket Ship passed through a wall and into another section of Toyland. Edward’s built a new downtown store and moved into it in 1984 and it did not have the monorail. That downtown store only survived a few more years and closed. It’s suburban stores survived a few more years and were bought out by some uninspired mall chain of stores. For many aging Boomers who grew up in this part of the world, that photograph brings back happy memories.
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    Does this mean construction has not yet started?
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    Something I’ve often thought when looking at photographs of Expo crowds: There never seems to be a traffic pattern or even a general flow of direction. Just look at that mass of humanity. Nevertheless I never heard of any stories about unruly or ill mannered crowds. It was all so civilized.
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    LOL: we went in there with Grannie Oakley.I remember her saying most of this Avant Garde stuff could have been painted by our pet turtle Speedy.
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    Holy crap. I’ve seen telephone booths larger and with more aesthetic appeal. What happened? Was this an exhibit planned and built the day before the Fair opened? As I type this I am remembering the rather stellar UN pavilion at Expo 67. (Interestingly, it showcased the film, To Be Alive, which had been so acclaimed at the 1964 Johnson’s Wax pavilion.) Even the failing League of Nations had a worthy pavilion in 1939. I never knew there was any UN presence in 1964. And in truth, there wasn’t regardless of that cubby hole we see in this long ago photograph.
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    Covid 19 may ruin the Tokyo Olympic Summer Games. The IOC seems to believe that there is only one option if the virus is a danger to athletes and visitors— cancel the Games. While protecting the athletes and visitors is most important, there appears to be no plan, on the part of the IOC, to postpone the Games to 2021. It’s difficult to imagine that all of the money and effort on the part of Japan could all be for nothing. If that virus is still causing havoc this summer and beyond, it is almost inevitable that the exposition in Dubai would be negatively affected. I would add that the news stories that the ruler of Dubai has tortured and imprisoned his own daughters certainly does not lend a positive air to the exposition. The stunning architecture and promise of this world’s fair in a nation lead by a dictator does not make the idea of a fair visit all that appealing.
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    When I was a wee lad (a long time ago), I was fishing with my Dad and his brothers (my uncles of course). This was before any environmental movement existed (this was in the early 60's). My uncle made a point (and a strong one), not to throw any of the beer tabs into the water, as the fish would mistake them for minnows, swallow them, and then die. He personally went around and collected the tabs from all those who were there. At the end of the day, he had a huge ring of them. It made an impression on me as a youngster.