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    Does anyone else look at Hawaii and see cooling towers?
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    OK, I will work on getting them on my site - will aim for it sometime this week.
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    Thanks for the post, Jim. The successor to Expo 67 was not even a good metaphor. A sad incarnation with little in the way of genetic traits from Expo. And by 1976, as I recall it was all about the Olympics. You're right about how it "taxed" everyone's enthusiasm for yet another invasion. When I last inhaled the beauty of Expo 67 was October 2008, it still blew me away. The raggedy ol' Bucky dome left me in tears but I relieved a year of my life as a guide there and couldn't have been more proud of its contribution timproving the environment.
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    After staring at the the shirt on the guy in the foreground, I want a pack of Fruit Stripe gum for some reason.
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    You're close. Yes, a completely new frame was built in 1966 in Allen Park, MI. The original fiberglass panels for the sides and tread were attached to it. New center tread panels were made to take up the space where the Ferris wheel occupied, but not as wide as the original gap.
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    The wait time just then was only 19 minutes! Newly restored 35mm slide. Sadly when the Carousel was moved to Disneyland GE sold off the control system for the rotating lights effect and it was rebuilt with a bland white roof.
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    Some well--dressed guests promenading near the Unisphere in the final days of the Fair, October 1965. Newly restored 35mm slide.
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