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  2. Hello Mitch: I so hope you can save this wonderful piece of the fair!!! I have dreamed of owning this myself-- when I first became aware of it several years ago, I figured at that time that if it ever did go up for sale, it would be too rich for my blood!!! When it was offered up not long ago, I again thought about it, but knew that I live too far away to have it transported (I live in Illinois) even if I could afford it. Believe me, I would be first in line to own it if I could figure out a way to afford the transportation to Illinois and whatever it would cost to buy it from the present owners. Please do everything in your power to save it-- it would be absolutely criminal to see it end up scrapped!!! I missed out on a chance to own one of the ride chairs from the Bell Pavilion two years ago that had been preserved untouched in enclosed storage since 1965 by the original purchaser-- It was very reasonably priced, but it was too far away for me to get it transported to my home in Illinois. Good luck-- I will say a prayer that it gets preserved!! Ronald
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  4. Since I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to help save this booth, I will do all I can to find the best solution for the booth. Hopefully somewhere it can be enjoyed by many of course.
  5. What's really sad is that this booth could find a home at the Queens Museum--right back in Flushing Meadow where its life began. But I'll bet they would not consider it. It's worth a call to the Smithsonian or Henry Ford but I wouldn't hold my breath. I truly hope someone is able to take it and restore it. The maps, alone, are incredibly cool.
  6. Hi Mitch, how about the Smithsonian or The Henry Ford?
  7. Now you tell me about the frog.
  8. I suppose, as the article mentions, it IS a form of time travel, if not for you but for the treasures you see fit to send into the future. We don't so much leave the included objects behind as send them forward on a journey. This short article is about the "golden age" of capsules and how many low profile capsules may be forgotten and ripe for discovery. As always, if you open a capsule and hear the Michigan Rag sung and see floating dollar signs, walk quickly away.
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  10. LAST CALL!! A World's Fair Legacy may be lost. Please spread the word, the only remaining serpentine phone booth from the World's Fair is available for preservation. A small donation, logistics and the cost of removal is all you need to provide and its yours! The current owners are moving and the new owners will likely scrap it. Please reach out to anyone you know who may know someone or somewhere that may want it. The photos provided are a bit old so there may be more wear and tear on the booth, but its all that remains! Serious inquiries please- PM me.
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  12. Bill is right, The escalator, signage ad windows are the tells. So that must be Operations in the distance?
  13. I have it available now through my website at or you can get it on Amazon at
  14. I posted a picture of Fire Fighter on a different site a few months ago. The boat is still with us and is currently in a shipyard getting some TLC. Here it was when brand spanking new.
  15. I remember a similar tower from the incredibly detailed plastic model I made of this 1938 fireboat. The many brass fittings were reproduced in shiny golden plastic. The tower on the boat had a platform for a fireman to direct the stream. The truck tower did look like it was controlled remotely. Lots more pre war pics of NYC fireboats in action fighting ship fires available for those inclined toward the intersection of several PTU interests. For another take on cylinders spouting water look into hydraulic mining in the Sierra Nevada. (I literally thought to myself, "That region is a gold mine of history!" and had my Sunday chuckle) PS Take it from me. Standing on a tall tower on a rocking boat is an experience the Chinese may subtly describe as "interesting."
  16. That would be in the direction of the picnic grounds, which look pretty dismal in this picture, but I think it was a pre-opening day shot so perhaps that area still wasn't finished.
  17. Their site hasn't had an update in six months. I remain confident in my prediction that they won't be holding the proposed fair. There has been zero news of it here in LA for quite some time.
  18. So, maybe, that's a glimpse of a bit of the picnic grounds and the Fair Operations building.
  19. Jim, it's actually a 2 year event. It starts on Jan 1, 2022 and ends on Dec 31, 2023.
  20. I have been doing a google search for this information, but I just can't find it. Does anyone have any information regarding the on-site hotel at the Expo itself. I heard there was going to be something like that. I remember there was one at Expo 2012 in Yeosu (South Korea) kind of shaped like the Burj sail hotel in Dubai, but I think it was fully occupied by diplomatic people already, or something like that. Would love to stay at the Expo site itself if possible. Maybe they will release the information closer to the Expo opening date.
  21. I will definitely be going. At the moment, thinking of Sat Jun 24 to Sun Jul 9 time frame, with the first week spent in Moscow/St Petersburg and the second week at the Expo itself (6 days Expo, 1 day Astana city tour). Will probably wait till next month to book flights though. I hope to submit a trip report after coming back.
  22. I believe this is inside the Hall of Power section and is looking towards the east. You can see a street outside and I think that was World's Fair Boulevard, which is now the route of the LIE. Hopefully Eric will weigh in as well.
  23. Absolutely amazing photograph... Bill, are you at all able to determine the direction of the view in the background?
  24. Here's a view inside the Westinghouse pavilion, with displays that showed how electricity helped make iron and steel. I'll have more of these never published lobby views as I restore them.
  25. I have it on good authority it was called a Water Tower.
  26. It's a water cannon. They are used far more for riot control or even power washing of large vehicles etc. than fire fighting per se. I did not even realize the US had them in 1939. Most fire department eliminated these devices long ago.
  27. The business end is called a water monitor or water cannon (infamously, when used against people rather than fire).
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