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  2. TWA Rocket to the Moon

    Yup, rode it a few times!
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  4. TWA Rocket to the Moon

    Don't forget the moving sidewalk, also in Satellite City.
  5. A very rare souvenir!

    It sure looks beat up - I wonder where it's been all these years. Maybe a candidate for a Smithsonian-type restoration (using authentic materials, but not restoring the function) as opposed to a TV/technology collector, who would typically like to restore it to operation. One went for $21,433.67 in January 2013 http://www.classicrotaryphones.com/forum/index.php?topic=8649.0
  6. A very rare souvenir!

    Yup, not gonna even try!
  7. A very rare souvenir!

    I'll bet the bidding on this will make the three thousand dollar Expo flag look like chump change
  8. A very rare souvenir!

    Want a REALLY special souvenir? Well, I'm not 100% sure this came from the 1964 NY Fair, but that was by far the biggest use of them. In any event it's a truly rare item indeed. https://news.justcollecting.com/worlds-first-picturephone-bonhams-auction/ In case you want to bid: https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/25259/lot/2056/ And if you want the later set - a pair so you can call someone - https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/25259/lot/2057/...
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  10. Want Your Own Unisphere?: Well Here You Go

    The guy had enjoyed the Fair as a kid (sound familiar?) and decided to hold a birthday party. No clue as to post-event negotiations.
  11. An early 10-button pay phone

    One showed up on eBay. The would-be buyer had been blocked from bidding due to a prior dispute with the seller, so I bought it and reshipped it to Canada. I would keep looking there, plus search Craiglist for Montreal if it exists.
  12. I still regret not going to the Eastern States Exhibition when you were there (it's right in my backyard). Unfortunately, I didn't know of Bill Cotter or this forum until earlier this year. What possessed someone in Mass to commission a Unisphere, when New York really didn't do much to honor the 1964-1965 Fair? I take it the museum on site didn't want it?
  13. Do you know where to find an Expo flag, Bill? I mean other than the 3K version.
  14. Want Your Own Unisphere?: Well Here You Go

    Yes, Michael (last name escapes me this moment) had it made for that event. That's him in the hat with his hand on it in one shot.
  15. Was he the one who had it commissioned?
  16. Want Your Own Unisphere?: Well Here You Go

    It was shown at the Big E fair in Springfield, MA as part of a 50th anniversary salute to the Fair. They flew me in to talk about the Fair. The guy had a stunning collection.
  17. Just listed on eBay. Your very own Unisphere--- https://www.ebay.com/itm/1964-NEW-YORK-WORLDS-UNISPHERE-REPLICA-COMMISSIONED-FOR-50TH-RETROSPECTIVE/283374866992?hash=item41fa755230:g:dvkAAOSwhEhcCZ4b:rk:29:pf:0 I wonder whose exact anniversary it was commissioned for in 2014? What a bargain.
  18. Judging by the Expo Express elevated track and lagoon in the background, it appears to be next to the West Germany Pavilion.
  19. TWA Rocket to the Moon

    Ah, that makes all the difference. I couldn't quite orientate where that was at Freedomland. The giant UFO was quite impressive.
  20. TWA Rocket to the Moon

    Two different exhibits. The one I posted was a simulated blockhouse at Freedomland, not the Braniff UFO.
  21. Sitting Behind the Wheel

    Too true, Jim.
  22. An early 10-button pay phone

    I helped someone get one last year and I think it was around $300
  23. I saw it and wish I could get one but 3 grand is ludicrous. That's a $500 price drop, however. It was 3,500 bucks two days ago.
  24. Can anyone identify this sculpture?

    Canada seems to have a thing for one-eyed creatures
  25. An early 10-button pay phone

    Good luck with that!!
  26. An early 10-button pay phone

    Have you noticed the EXPO 67 flag on e-bay? They're asking $3000.00
  27. Now where did we park?

    I believe a sign did show up about a year ago. I don't recall how much it sold for.
  28. HMS Bounty: Was it really at the Fair?

    BOAT: Bring out another thousand. Dem ships ain't cheap.
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