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  2. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    OK - the one near American Interiors, then.
  3. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    #25 is the one I was thinking of
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  5. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    http://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/operations-drawings-manual/sheet-27.pdf It's a little peculiar, in that the numbered connection pads are called "Worlds Fair Owned TV Connection Pads," while there are also a large number of unnumbered "TV Access Roadway or Parking Area" places. I would think these all would have power, but it's not noted on that page. Neither the primary nor secondary electrical distribution sheets show anything specifically at the TV pads.
  6. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    That's my guess as well. Where does the Ops Manual list the other connection points?
  7. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    A friend who has been in broadcasting for decades says the small connectors look like they could be audio and/or video, and the large downward slanting tube looks like it's for a high-amperage AC "shore power" connection for a remote broadcast truck.
  8. Pool of Industry

    In 1940 the morning after the Fair closed the Lagoon was already drained to mud while the flag was still flying high on the Trylon.
  9. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    The operations manual shows a connecting pad behind the bubble-top Brass Rail on the other side of RCA, between that Brass Rail and the Pavilion. It also shows an access road (but no connection pad) between the back of RCA and the Brass Rail that abuts the Protestant and Orthodox center. I believe that road is shown in this photo: and in the top two photos here, which shows how it almost connected with the pad near the bubble-top Brass Rail: The ops manual doesn't show anything near Equitable.
  10. Pool of Industry

    The Lagoon of Nations in 1939 and The Pool of Industry in 1964, but neither survived. I sometimes wonder how many 1964-65 visitors stood there and reminisced about what the fountains looked like 25 years earlier.
  11. Pool of Industry

    Yes, think what a draw it could be all summer long. Shows set to a wide variety of music from around the world.
  12. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    I believe I have seen a picture with cables running from a remote van to a pole like this near Equitable.
  13. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    I believe they are using paper straws. As more and more restaurants are finally eliminating single use plastic straws and with billions of those things filling landfills (and our oceans) every year, it’s good to see there was actual civilization in the era of the paper straw and that lowly object may have a Renaissance.
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  15. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    Now that you say that, I can guess probably two weather-proof audio connections on the top and a large coaxial cable socket for video up inside the slanted tube to protect it from weather. This would be the first that's come to my attention. I had always guessed that they would be hidden under a ground-level cover plate.
  16. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    Yes Bill, I was wondering that myself when I was lookg at these pctures. I was not even in kindergarten when I went to the fair and I just turned 61.
  17. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    An electric connection. I know the Fair Corp had a few TV cable points around the site for broadcast crews to connect remote vans, and this may have been one of them. Yeah, you wonder how many are still with us.
  18. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    They all look so young, they are all grandparents now. How time flies.
  19. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    What is that post/pipe on the left of #1?
  20. Pool of Industry

    That's a lot of water up in the air at one time. Its a shame they did not keep this after the fair closed.
  21. PETA would never let that happen today.
  22. Pool of Industry

    The Pool of Industry and Fountain of the Planets from the Better Living Center, May 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  23. Newly restored 35mm slide. Those jackets got hot!!
  24. Newly restored 126 format slide.
  25. I always felt sorry for the poor cow! Newly restored 35mm slide.
  26. What's your sign?

    Seen in the Belgian Village, May 1965. Not the best worded sign in the world but I guess it got the point across. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  27. A bit of a LARC!

    Seen outside the Travel & Transportation Pavilion on June 4, 1964 - a US Army LARC V amphibious cargo carrier. I can't say I am familiar with this particular vehicle. I wonder if they ever took it out for a spin on Meadow Lake? Newly restored 35mm slide.
  28. I believe this was at the Brass Rail on Avenue of the Americas between RCA and the Protestant & Orthodox Pavilion. Newly restored 35mm slides dated May 1965. Anyone have an extra one of those cups??
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