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  2. Finally, three views of Medallion City. The first is a striking illuminated artwork of the all-electric city, behind some resting fair-goers. Next are mockups of City Hall and a hospital. The last slide spots G.E. on the Official Map.
  3. In the first slides, people are learning about nuclear fusion, backed up by impressive views of the sun. This is followed by a sequence of slides arranged to show the sequence of the fusion demonstration. Also included is an audio file describing the demo. You might find it interesting to show the last seven slides as you listen to the 2 1/2 minute audio. (That's my voice introducing the action, as you probably will have surmised.) G.E Nuclear Fusion.mp3
  4. Some external views of the General Electric pavilion, plus my take on the Progress Land theater with its rotating audience.
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  6. Now that is scary! Thankfully it wasn't full of people when it came down. Makes you wonder about their "standards" doesn't it?
  7. Thanks - not the most reassuring!
  8. Hi Bill, While I don't claim the skills to find it, and who knows what is was posted under, but I think there is one already posted in here. I also remember a "frame" to put your camera in. They were both yellow. I'd have to look at my slides. can only suggest that you already know where they were. Look at all the "generic" slides of Britain for example - almost all identical angle of incidence. Best, Eric
  9. Thanks again for the great posts! Regarding "Fair Is Fair" I'm so glad they played it as an instrumental. The lyrics were so awful IMO that I have wondered if the fair stiffed Richard Rodgers and he did a bad job to spite them. Another thing we have discussed somewhere is the amazing acoustic engineering RCA did on the sound system to get even coverage between luminaires. Even coverage between luminaires essentially requires a time delay between the multiple speakers on each pole to beam the sound more towards the space between them instead of evenly in all vertical angles. It would have been difficult to get this with analog "door spring" delays and multiple amplifiers, and of course no digital sound processing was available. Their researchers came up with an equivalent effect by mounting 16 mid-range / tweeter speakers on a cone-shaped baffle on each pole, with a single woofer at the top. By using sixteen mid/high speakers in a four by four series/parallel connection, the load was equivalent to a single mid/high range driver, and they could use an existing RCA commercial crossover network in each luminaire.
  10. I don't think I've seen shots of the top one before.
  11. It was one of a pair of giant urns/planters.
  12. What is that big vase/cup thing in circle of bushes in the last photo? You've probably talked about it but it's new to me.
  13. The foot patrol was present wherever you looked. Included here is a brief mp3 walking music file with the sound of Richard Rodgers' "Fair is Fair" march coming out of the ever-resent light poles. World's Fair March.mp3
  14. Last week
  15. Whew! Finished at last. Here are some notables and some Bible stories. Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion, and diplomat Ralph Bunche. George Washington Carver and Albert Schweitzer. \ Daniel in the Lions' Den Nimrod the Hunter. Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.
  16. Have any pictures of the "feet", or a map of where they were?
  17. The race was on to Opening Day!
  18. They were very different fairs but both were wonderful. They remain my favorite two. I think Expo 67 did have some great architecture - my favorite two buildings were Air Canada and Canadian Pulp & Paper - but NY did have the massive corporate pavilions. I'm headed back to Montreal in June and am looking forward to another walk through the grounds, been a few years since our last trip. Happy Birthday to Expo 67!
  19. Mike Rowe has been doing a weekly podcast "The Way I Heard It" it's a Paul Harvey esque story that runs 15-20 minutes. He does an episode on a particular worker who worked at the 1893 Worlds Fair. Enjoy!
  20. Hello Everyone: Today marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of Expo 67!!! It just so happens that we are using the same calendar for 2017 that was used in 1967, so this is the exact date 50 years later!!! I like Expo 67, but I still think that NYWF 64/65 had more appealing architecture, especially the large corporate pavilions. I wish that Expo 67 would have had more corporate participation than it did- to me that is one of the things that makes NYWF 64/65 more appealing-- it was more like a giant two-year trade fair, whereas Expo 67 was more about Nations than big business. Just my two cents worth-- I hope that everyone who reads this that visited Expo 67 in person will put some of their memories on here about being there is 1967. I was only three years old, so I was too young to remember Expo when it was going on. Thanks!! Ronald
  21. Thank you all. Beautifully done. I remember seeing the Last Supper figures. After the World Fair closed, it toured the country in a tractor-trailer. It was most magnificent. I remember it to this day.
  22. Was curious who she was! Thanks, Bill. Boy, Paris sure looks like an interesting place.
  23. Thanks for posting - great combination of documentation and artistic composition.
  24. Oh my, you now have me wondering if there are any recordings of sound and music from the 39/40 fair, other than the "make your own record" type.
  25. This is not them, but someone asked about painted things on the pavement - there were the Kodak "feet" which we thank for so many generic photograph albums and slideboxes.
  26. Here is one I have not shown before. Final surfacing, March 1939.
  27. The most elusive and ethereal - perhaps unrecorded and something I can't imagine - would be the "music" emanating from the base of the Perisphere.
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