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  2. Inside the Florida display area.

    Caught the color TV - turned off. I suspect most pavilions that were coerced into having one kept it off as an undesirable distraction.
  3. There was a small stream of it pushing up from the rocks and spraying out. Great eyes!
  4. It feels like fall is creeping in as the sun is setting. Where is the falling water coming from?
  5. Inside the Florida display area.

    What happened to the dog tracks and trophies?
  6. It wasn't just all dolphins and speedboats! Newly restored 35mm slide from my collection.
  7. This bust of Simon Bolivar was outside the Venezuela pavilion. The slide was dated May/June 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide from my collection.
  8. Here's a seldom seen part of the New England States Pavilion, a restaurant called the Millstone Terrace. It looks quite tranquil! Newly restored 126-format print from 1964 from my collection.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Anyone thirsty?

    I don't think so, because later they moved the ices concession to the other end of the counter, but the big machine didn't come with it.
  11. Anyone thirsty?

    could it be a snow cone machine. There are ice syrups on the shelve behind.
  12. Pictures of the Day

    The photograph of "tasty fish straight from the North Sea" is creepy. And those white things along the base of the plate remind me of prescription bottles. Maybe they were just that because anyone who would try to eat that pile would need a variety of prescriptions.
  13. Anyone thirsty?

    Research hasn't turned up anything.....yet.
  14. Last week
  15. Anyone thirsty?

    I thought one of you guys would have the machine manufacturer nailed down by now. :D
  16. Everyone ready for a ride on the IBM People Wall?

    Great wide angle perspective shot.
  17. Everyone ready for a ride on the IBM People Wall?

    If you close your eyes you can just imagine it...
  18. Pictures of the Day

    I don't know when it started but recently it's become fashionable for people started taking pictures of their meals with their cellphones before they eat them. A friend of mine who had business in Europe returned and asked me if I'd like to see pictures of the meals they had in Europe. I said, "No".
  19. Everyone ready for a ride on the IBM People Wall?

    Ever pull up next to a vehicle and all of a sudden, they start backing up, and you think you're going forward and jam on the brake? When I was in the people wall, for a split second, I thought the building was being lowered rather than me being raised.
  20. Everyone ready for a ride on the IBM People Wall?

    It was a very memorable experience for sure.
  21. I was only six years old but I remember the entire show vividly. The tuxedo clad emcee coming down on that little platform, the entire grandstand rising up into the dome and all the screens inside. What I'd give for just one more ride! Surprised this hasn't been somewhat duplicated in a theme park somewhere.
  22. This angle gives a good indication of how large it was. Newly restored large format slide from my collection.
  23. Picture of the Day

    Millennials ...
  24. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    A quick search says that today's Columbia Gas of Massachusetts is the former Bay State Gas Company and they supply retail natural gas.
  25. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    Tour Guide and Music on the Train?
  26. Can you ID this pavilion?

    I can relate to the noble but weary task of checking things out. Rumour went around that an attractive female in my company was moonlighting at a local burlesque theater. Someone had to take on the task of confirming the truth, and I selflessly volunteered. It was true!
  27. Passing by the Astral Fountain. August 1964

    I agree. Most shots get the stars in dark silhouette.
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