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  2. Whoa that was great Wayne. Thanks! Made my weekend. And to think, these people driving around in their Teslas feel so smug. Most probably have no idea of that baby.
  3. thanks
  4. FWIW, Underground homes have not completely gone away. Here in hurricane alley there are several bldgs that both take advantage of the insulating aspect of soil as well as its resistance to wind and either burrow partway into the ground or pile dirt on top to protect from the tropical sun and heat. NOAA's new National Hurricane Center looks like a semi buried rocket launch bunker w mininmal windows peeking out to see if the coast is clear. Anyone lucky enough to see southern California's Anza Borrego State Park Visitor Center steps in through the open north side with the rest of the building covered with sand and a collection of native desert plants adorning the roof Beyond commercial applications, I occasionally but consistently read about the eccentric architect snuggling a custom home against a hunk of geology to varying degrees. Then of course there are the hard cores who purchased and renovated defunct ICBM silos, and the wealthy James Bond villain wannabes who feel things may get so bad they build luxury underground lairs as a back up.
  5. Too bad is right. I would like to hear that again. I have no recollection of it. That was a nice looking car!
  6. Special to Wayne Bretl
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  8. I'm going - but I don't think our times will intersect as I'm going in June and returning before the 24th
  9. I'm making my arrangements via a travel operator and are going for a hotel further away that provides expo transfers based onthier "[for] such a hotel the price would be much higher." advice. I also remember a proximal hotel in Yeosu - it did look nice, but we stayed in a hotel with transfers - and that worked out well and not too time consuming. In Aichi we must have spent many hours travelling but even that wasn't so bad - people often want to chat to foreigners. I guess it's a time/cost balancing act.
  10. Hi all, I was getting a bit frutrated with the lack of information about non theme pavilions on the Expo 2017 website, so dropped thema not. And today I got a response of :" Hello! two weeks will be a new site design, customized specifically for visitors " - thought I'd share Cass
  11. This may save someone from buying tickets twice. Air Astana is giving away free tickets to the Expo for those flying on its airlines. Details and restrictions on website below
  12. The scene is so beautiful. I would like to take part in Brazilian festival.
  13. Thanks Trey! Cannot believe the CSI episode was 2009!! Seems like yesterday. Was not aware your production company name was WF! Will look for it.
  14. Not sure I've ever seen the flags hanging so limply on the poles before seeing this photo.
  15. Without anything surrounding it, it is evident just how large the NYC Building really is. Its art deco stye is much more evident as well.
  16. Looking towards the New York City Building from what would become the Transportation Area. You can see the tower that was put at the future Unisphere site for use as a photo platform during construction.
  17. The last part of the story is believable. The idea that it was removed down to its actual concrete foundation and then filled in from that point makes sense. It's possible that demolition debris may have also been used to fill the hole. Beyond that, any idea that the home somehow still exists buried like a Roman villa in Pompeii with preserved artifacts, is fantasy. If anything is still there it has to just be the basic concrete foundation on which it was built.
  18. This newly published article in the Gothamist may ask and definitively answer the question.
  19. Hey, Thanks for sharing, there are so many interesting books.
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  21. Interesting. Thanks!
  22. Thanks for the link, and thanks to Craig!
  23. Stop by to read Craig Bavaro's latest essay. Craig is an avid historian of the New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation and he has contributed a number of excellent essays from information he has compiled from the files of the Corporation during his research trips to the NY Public Library where the Fair's archives are stored. His latest contribution is an excellent story on the problems encountered with Unisphere's much touted innovative lighting system ... namely the fact that the lights representing the capitals of the world kept going out! Did you know that in 1965 one of the capitals was out for the entire season? Find out which one in Craig's fascinating essay titled, " I Think We Have A Light Out!" ... only at!
  24. Being a huge fan of the Space Race era, especially in NASA's storyline with the engineers, support staff, astronauts, and the space equipment, I knew right off the bat the diagrams in the background are discussing the Agena Project, the extra rocket designed for understanding rendezvous and docking, and responsible for setting the Gemini spacecraft to a new world record of highest altitude achieved with human flight. That belonged to Gemini IX with Michael Collins.
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