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  2. I found this article documenting the recent changes to Ile Ste Helene. https://archpaper.com/2019/10/former-expo-67-site-massive-renovation-lemay/
  3. Great work, Gary! Please post some shots of the night lighting, as well!
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  5. Congratulations! I know you have put a lot into this project. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  6. Very well done. Another fair legacy lives on!
  7. Finally! It took longer that most world's fairs take from conception to demoilition, but the NY WF Christian Science Pavilion skylight is finally up! Some finishing touches and night lighting still need to be worked on, but am very pleased. A garden will be added around it this spring, but am hoping to do some seasonal and holiday lighting with it this year.
  8. Undeveloped film from 1964

    I think most 8mm film then was color as it was generally intended for home use. I don't think any of our films are in B&W.
  9. Undeveloped film from 1964

    at 06:28 "Due to the age of the film and the chemicals he was using, he was only able to develop a black and white image." [emphasis added] I take that to mean it was color film.
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  11. Undeveloped film from 1964

    A couple things I noticed in the BuzzFeed video. The test film he used to experiment with developing was Tri-X, a high speed black and white film stock. It appears the film from the Fair was also black and white. I can remember trying to buy black and white 8mm film in the mid-60s and it was very difficult to find. It seems odd that Kodak would have provided black and white film with the camera that was won as a prize.
  12. Undeveloped film from 1964

    One hopes...
  13. Undeveloped film from 1964

    My dad recently passed, and my siblings and I have been scanning and sharing pictures of him, so there's a chance your kids will want them.
  14. Undeveloped film from 1964

    I have slides from the fair taken by my brother who passed away last month. It is great to see him as a happy 13 year old enjoying the fair. When I`m gone I doubt that my own kids and grandkids will want to keep these pictures of us at the fair. Sad indeed.
  15. Undeveloped film from 1964

    Thankfully, groups like us, look for contextually based photos to preserve the history of events. Relationships come as distant second in these shots. Still, this is a win.
  16. Undeveloped film from 1964

    Having bought many photos no longer wanted by families it's very sad indeed.
  17. Undeveloped film from 1964

    It's funny how momentos are only really wanted by immediate family (and maybe family tree researchers). Mostly wanted by the next Gen only, two Gen down, doesn't seem to matter much. And even then, it's select.
  18. Undeveloped film from 1964

    I agree. I often wonder what became of the families, friends and loved ones and why did nobody want those photos. Two thoughts: When the last of my mother's closest friends died about ten years ago, the deceased woman's family sorted through dozens of photograph albums and took snapshots that meant the most to each. All the rest they shared with the families of their mother's friends and allowed us to take any photos that had special memories for us. It was liked discovering a treasure chest of memories. Secondly, when my sister turned 60, I put all of our 1965 NYWF slides onto a dvd and I enlarged two photos which captured my sister and our father together. We lost him just two months after our Fair trip and that loss hurt her very much so those two beautiful snapshots, captured their deep affection half a century later. My sister had not seen those slides in fifty years and she loved discovering them and seeing us with our long departed parents. This may be the best gift I have ever given. The best way to preserve so many photographic memories may just be the good old fashion photograph album. Such albums capture the past even better than a time capsule.
  19. Undeveloped film from 1964

    Every time I go to the Fairfax Flea Market here in Los Angeles, there is a vendor who only sells people's old photographs and slides by the thousands. I always enjoy going through the large collection of plastic bins filled with strangers snapshots. But when I leave, I also feel a bit melancholy-- like, what happened to all of these people-- and why didn't their loved ones want to keep any of their photos? Nothing lasts forever, I guess.
  20. Undeveloped film from 1964

    I'm torn on my digital preservation efforts. I feel like I should be curating my collections more since giant piles of pictures will be too much trouble for someone else to sort through and wind up ignored, but on the other hand, the random unimportant images are often the ones here that are most valuable for filling in an undocumented corner of the fair.
  21. Found an interesting YouTube video about a roll of undeveloped film. Its sad to think about today's storage methods. Your grandchildren would find a broken phone in the attic with no way of reading the memory or your video's would be lost in the forgotten cloud.
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  23. Finally! New CDs available!

    Thanks! Makes the slaving away at the keyboard a tad less painful!
  24. Finally! New CDs available!

  25. Finally! New CDs available!

    Folks have been asking for new CDs from the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair for some time now. Thing is I didn't realize just how long it has been since the release of #65. Would you believe FIVE YEARS? Wow! I've been busy restoring photos like mad but just never got around to putting out new CDs as the work to do thumbnails, make listings, etc. was always something put off until "tomorrow". Well, tomorrow finally got here. I am pleased to announce the release of #66 to #75 - yup, ten new CDs in the collection. I've also started work to make the CD listings more mobile device friendly, but finishing that will take a while. You can get to the main CD page at https://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/photos.htm. There's a package deal available for anyone who has the first 65 and needs the new ones for their collection - see the bottom of the 3rd CD page. Thanks to the folks who prodded me. I am still in shock that it was five years.
  26. I can't recall seeing this angle before

    Look for news on new CDs very soon...
  27. Any photos taken within the Entrance Building?

    The strangest location for the women pinkerton entrance, under a bridge and far away from any of the main doors. My assumption is that the location would have been in a more busier location and closer to the main locker room. Unless the AmEx or Greyhound had security near there, just odd. Wayne, agreed, harder to find. Good thought, Bill. Might be able to get a glimpse of what the behind the scenes looked and felt like if one or a few were captured somewhere.
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