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  2. Great find. You got a good deal.
  3. I remember Science Fiction Theater
  4. The sign for the American Express Money Tree

    Yes, the size of the film roll and your bank roll made it necessary to make a lot of (no)snap decisions!
  5. Yesterday
  6. The sign for the American Express Money Tree

    An example of a shot that's much more likely these days when "bits are free." In the film days, you would have to be either deliberate or careless to spend a frame of film on recording a sign.
  7. Need help with a World's Fair Souvenir

    Very nice. I have seen them for $25-30.
  8. I stopped today at a place that is in the business of cleaning out houses. I should have said at the beginning that I can count my 64/65 World's Fair souvenirs on the fingers of both hands. I'm really not a collector. But I paused when I saw this tiny puppy: Can someone tell what this is worth? It's new in the box (never been used--the wick is new), I paid $5.00 for it. Thanks.
  9. The sign for the American Express Money Tree

    After all these years new things or different views keep turning up.
  10. Another cover to review

    The version posted here, F, is what it's going to be. The publisher has ruled. I liked C better as an image myself, but some testing did show confusion between C and the original volume. We had exchanged thoughts on adding something like "Volume 2" or other wording but apparently many retailers don't care for that. WIth limited shelf space they are likely to only carry the newer volume, and the thought that someone is missing out on it seems to make them wary about buying a "sequel" when they don't have the original as well. The company has had a lot of success in this area so I will bow to their expertise. If a color volume ever develops the cover will be in color. And start an image search all over again! Thanks again to everyone for their input!!
  11. Another cover to review

    My contributions aside, I think "C" is the best cover offered. This current image, F, is only barely balanced, and I say that that of the full image, not folded. Once folded...only "C" works. I think "C" is the "final answer" in this equation. My last suggested cover may appear, to some, as distorted on the lower left, but that is the vantage and scale of the object speaking. Quite loudly I should think. If a color version follows, will the cover be restrained to this sepia wraparound format?
  12. Another cover to review

    I like the publisher's suggestion. It provides a pleasant combination of human sculptures and the soaring familiar mechanical icons. It has the quality of gently leading the eye into the picture and to this and that pleasant object.
  13. Night at the Fair

    And way off in the distance is the US Royal Ferris Wheel just peeking above the silhouettes.
  14. I had (wrongly) assumed they were interior trees.
  15. Last week
  16. Reaching For The Sky

    Regarding photo number 2, it's obviously near an entrance, but which one? Using my preliminary research of trying to crack the "Luminaire Code", it appears it near entrance number 1. (WOWBO) If the code is cracked, it will be possible to locate the place and direction of any photo which has a luminaire in it.
  17. Night at the Fair

    These are two of the most beautiful nighttime shots of the Fair I've seen yet. Impressive.
  18. Another cover to review

    I've learned so much today.
  19. A different angle on Bourbon Street

    It's no New Orleans Square at Disneyland, that's for sure
  20. Another cover to review

    For those who work hard correcting the color in the old slides
  21. For some reason, my mind disregarded the trees, and felt the first image was an inside mural.
  22. Another cover to review

    the secret behind why there's black and white vs color in the 30's
  23. The New York State Pavilion at night

    Um, it was Expo 67, Randy.
  24. Looks like they're banging on the machine to get their money back.
  25. The sign for the American Express Money Tree

    Nice find Bill!
  26. A different angle on Bourbon Street

    Wow... not a visitor in sight. Where are the nuns hiding?
  27. The New York State Pavilion at night

    Was this on top of the mezzanine, or perhaps in one of the rooms inside it? I'm wondering how we missed getting this disk/lollipop garden on the mezzanine map.
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