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  2. Inherited Collection - Need Help and Advice

    Welcome. For some of the most common items, I take a look at eBay. The prices are all over the ballpark, but after a while you might get some idea of their value. For some of the rarer stuff some of the members here might be able to help. Sorry about your Mom, but I also just got done cleaning an estate my Dad had, and it can be fun at times, and at times a chore.
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  4. Welcome! Sorry about your mom. I’d love to see a pic of the 7Up uniform!
  5. Welcome to this site. I'm sure you'll find a good deal of information about your treasures. I love the story about the kiosk map.
  6. Inherited Collection - Need Help and Advice

    Sorry to hear about your mom, but welcome to the site. 7-Up was my favorite place for lunch when I visited as a starving student in 1965. It is always interesting to find some connection to people who worked at the fair, of which he have far too few, in my opinion. I hope in the process of solving your problem you will have some time to tell us more about your parents and their times working at the Fair.
  7. Inherited Collection - Need Help and Advice

    Welcome to the site. Sorry about your mom. I just spent a week working on clearing out my folks house, certainly not fun at all. I would love to know more about what you have found. I moved you to the "member" level so you should be able to post without restrictions. Let me know if you run into any problems. Bill
  8. Inherited Collection - Need Help and Advice

    You might want to check past auctions at http://worldsfairauction.com/ for an idea on some of the more unusual objects.
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  10. Inherited Collection - Need Help and Advice

    Hello Rappaport, Welcome to the community! There are a few reference books available to research your collection, but I've discovered that even these don't have information on each and every artifact from the Fair. If you'd like,you may email me and I can try to help. My email is rico.ent@hotmail.com Regards, Raymond
  11. Hello, new forum member here. I joined because both of my parents worked at the 1964-5 Fair, and with my mom’s recent passing, I now have all her ephemera. It’s relatively easy to look up information on things like the pins, badges, and menus from the stand she worked at (7-Up Gardens). However, my mom kept everything. This includes her uniform, and a map that I think “fell off” a phone kiosk. (It definitely got pushed under a fence by the expressway then picked up after hours.) I was hoping the community here could help me determine the value of what she kept. I mean this in an historical sense as much as a monetary one. I was going to attach some photos, but I’m going to have to reduce file sizes first or find a place to host/link. Thank you!
  12. The Jaycopter Quesions

    Not too late! Glad you found us! Like Wayne I have nothing to add, but second his emotion about keeping us informed. I well remember the Jaycopter from many visits to the fair.
  13. Where were you in 1953?

    Bill, the venue is the Community & Senior Center, 2001 East Street, Woodland, where I spent four years presenting Shakespeare's plays and a year doing my world travel videos. The time is 1:00 p.m. We have a modern community facility that has several classrooms with video projection equipment and lots of sports and recreational amenities.
  14. The Jaycopter Quesions

    Hi, I have nothing to contribute, but please do keep us up to date on your project!
  15. I, too, often come to the site and enjoy all the posts. I don’t comment much, but, like T.V.’s Mr Ed, I don’t speak unless I have something to say. One thing I do have to say is how much I appreciate the site and am so happy to have it here! I do find that the ardent passion has transformed, for me, to a happy, comfortable, warmth. I stopped collecting NYWF items about a decade ago, when I acquired the Christian Science pavilion skylight that is now being reconstructed in my back yard (news on that as it happens – right now it’s a replacement glass and gasket supply question), but that has reinvigorated my passion, but on a different level. Likewise, I spend most of my late fall through spring evenings in my basement, where I am surrounded by my collection, among other things, which gives me the warm fuzzies, if not the mind bending, heart thumping exhilaration I used to feel when approaching the main entrance gate in 64/65. (I use to HAVE to jump up and down while run-walking to the gate, such was my excitement – ah, to recapture that !) Now I am still given gifts all the time by folks (both friends and strangers) who know of and appreciate, if not share, my passion and interest. And as it happens, one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever received is one I got this Christmas, a present from a very excellent watercolorist friend, who has created a gorgeous, impressionistic watercolor of the Tower of Light to accompany my Uncle Ben figure. I share it here because , among other things, this is the community that appreciates and understands how significant these things are, if not to the world, at least to us. And I do have this to say – thanks to everyone involved in the site, from moderators to posters and lurkers like myself. You have certainly made my last 18 years better, more interesting and entertaining and fulfilling.
  16. The Jaycopter Quesions

    Hello, this may be years to late but I was trying to see if there was any info on the web about the Jaycopter and I saw Jim Warman's name here. I use to work with Jim at Jaycopters. I am the son of Leo Jacobs who is one of the people who built the Jaycoptesr. I will be building an information web site about the Jaycopter soon and I am trying to contact as many people as I can to see if they can add any info or photos about the whole thing. The URL will be www.Jaycopter.ca Any help will be greatly appreciated. email: danjacobs@shaw.ca
  17. http://m.qchron.com/mobile/qboro/stories/history-rediscovered-at-the-world-s-fair/article_71cefb90-7d8d-5def-9021-a6741bc6a49c.html
  18. Where were you in 1953?

    Where will that be, Ralph?
  19. Where were you in 1953?

    Since I've broached this subject, I thought you might like to know that I will be making a presentation of the 1953 event at our local community center in February. It will include a DVD of my photos (with appropriate music) plus the 2018 trip to Cephalonia to deliver them. I'll display an identical copy of the binder I delivered, show the earthquake portion of 'Captain Corelli,' and read from my personal memoir. After that I'll wake up the audience and send them home!
  20. The Probability Machine at IBM

    Love to see a video of this presentation. Just to hear the guy's patter.
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  22. Craig, I think I'm in a lot of old timers clubs at this point.
  23. Depending on which version of the map you look at, the area slightly to the right of the proposed American Indian Pavilion (and it looks like they actually were going to have a Pavilion along with the Tepees), is first labeled "Kiddyland" (1964) and at some point changed to "Funland" (1965). I not quite sure why the name change occurred. The area where the American Indian Pavilion was to be evolved into "Carousel Park".
  24. Above the Lake Amusement Area, May or June 1964

    The early official visitor's map shows a bunch of tepees at that location.
  25. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    Jim, I guess that makes us both members of the old timers club.
  26. Above the Lake Amusement Area, May or June 1964

    I believe so, and it's where Carousel Park was. Looks like the ground had been freshly cleared for it.
  27. The Probability Machine at IBM

    All I can make out is "Probability Machine". The rest is too small and I can't decipher it. Racing like mad to pack for a trip, so no time to post it now, but remind me in a week and perhaps we'll figure it out.
  28. Again, I have to thank former and current members. You should be proud of what you have created. It takes a special kind of dedication.
  29. The Probability Machine at IBM

    First photo: Great view of the Probability Machine looking out the back of IBM and over the Pool of Industry towards the Bell Pavilion. Second photo: The Probability Machine looking back at a Brass Rail, and a General Food arch, and to the left the Travel's Pavilion with the Aqua Rocket in front and WTH? Oh Hollywood, you and your magical tricks.
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