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  2. Good jobs

    This pavilion was a major achievement for Syracuse, my hometown. Syracuse was the headquarters of Carrier Corporation which had relocated there from New Jersey in the mid-1930s. It was the efforts of hundreds of Carrier employees in Syracuse which made this pavilion possible. How ironic that a refrigerator company in the northern city of Syracuse would build a cooling device that would find massive market popularity in hot, humid Southern cities which had histories of stagnant population growth due to the unpleasant muggy climate and frequent outbreaks of malaria and yellow fever in hot summer months. Syracuse's Carrier Corporation gave rise to a population shift and the creation of the Sun Belt. Sadly, Carrier has downsized in the Syracuse metro area but legacies remain including a major traffic rotary near the NYS Thruway known as Carrier Circle and, of course, Carrier Dome, the nation's largest on-campus domed sports arena. That's Willis Haviland Carrier, founder and president of the company which bears his name standing in the center of the photograph.
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  4. That is odd, considering that Disneyland built the Monsanto House of Plastic almost a decade prior.
  5. Greetings, World's Fair enthusiasts. On May 1, 1893, the Columbian Exposition opened its doors to the world in Chicago. We are counting down to the moment when President Grover Cleveland pressed the key to start the 1893 World's Fair in a series of stories about Opening Day at https://worldsfairchicago1893.com/home/blog-2/history/opening-day/. Introduction: "Chicago's Day of Days" Part 1: "Morning on the Fairgrounds" (post on April 22) Part 2: "Presidential Procession to the Fairgrounds" (post on April 23) Part 3: "A Sea of Humanity" (post on April 24) Part 4: "Paine's Columbian March" [with a new recording!] (post on April 25) Part 5: "Invocation by the Blind Chaplain" (post on April 26) Part 6: "Reading of The Prophecy" (post on April 27) Part 7: "Wagner’s 'Rienzi' Overture” (post on April 28) Part 8: "The Address by Director-General Davis" (post on April 29) Part 9: "The Address by President Grover Cleveland" (post on April 30) Part 10: "The Great Transformation Scene" (post on May 1) Part 11: "Presidential Luncheon" (post on May 2) Part 12: "Tour of the Fairgrounds" (post on May 3) Part 13: "The Greatest Crowd" (post on May 4) Addendum: "Fate of the Key" (post on May 5) Enjoy!
  6. Good jobs

    don't remember where I found it, but apparently it's in the Bettman/Getty Archive. Said to be Dr. Willis H. Carrier, who coined the phrase "Air Conditioning", holding a thermometer n the Carrier igloo at the World's Fair.
  7. Anyone know where these girls appeared?

    Question: Who was this parrot, and what did he do at the World's Fair? Carnac: He was named "Cracker", and was trained to say "Come to Florida" as people passed by. Source: Florida Historical Quarterly, Spring 2010
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  9. Good jobs

    Great shot. Where did you find it?
  10. Looks like FLorida. That's where the bird was based on another picture. Somehow I missed it in this one. What could I have been distracted by?
  11. Good jobs

    "Hey girls, want a job shoveling snow at the World's Fair? It pays 25 cents an hour!"
  12. Now that you say that. Seems like a parrot, and they're buccaneers.
  13. Anyone know where these girls appeared?

    Is that some kind of raptor in the cage on the right? Maybe it was trained to fly around during the show.
  14. It had an interesting shape. Despite being the Polymer pavilion though it was made out of cement. That struck me as odd even back then.
  15. I don't even remember this pavilion and I realize I must have walked past it many times. It was near Air Canada and NYS. I see Maine in the left of the photograph. In any event, the name, Polymer, must not have sparked the visitors' imagination. I mean, we're basically talking about plastic here, right? The name has all of the charm and curb appeal of New York's Festival of Gas--at least in my mind.
  16. Air Canada!

    And there is the NYS pavilion just to the left. What an eclectic collection of buildings.
  17. Air Canada!

    Then there was the Maine Pavilion located behind Air Canada; an example of non-oddball architecture.
  18. Air Canada!

    I loved the feeling of airiness from that Leonardo da Vinci inspired structure. One of the things I enjoy about world's fairs is the oddball architecture. This sure did the job!
  19. The International Scout Centre. Undated slide. Anyone here work at the Centre?
  20. Inside the New York State Pavilion

    Small plaque reads "Terra Pennsylvania"
  21. Does anyone recognize where these young ladies were photographed, or what show they were in? I'm guessing "American Jubilee" but would appreciate any confirmation or correction.
  22. Inside the New York State Pavilion

    I was guessing a power outlet for a tile polisher/vacuum to keep the place clean.
  23. Short promo film for Space Park

    I looked for more pics of Fountain of Progress North as shown in the video. There's not much! The way it was shot on the video really made it stand out, especially when it was sitting next to the space park. Think it was taken ontop of the Ford pavilion or in a Cherry Picker bucket? (rechecking my thoughts and adjusting my searching) This post seems to have the most I've seen now. Confirms though little in terms of pics, even in 2011. http://www.worldsfaircommunity.org/topic/11424-newcomer-fountains-and-water-at-the-fair/ And there's a spot in one of those posts where there's pics of the north fountain, but it's gone. Is this a symptom from a forum migration back then?
  24. My father bought film in there in September of 1965. Oh, there are two more nuns.
  25. The Medo Camera Shop and Kodak Pavilion, August 1964

    "In a few decades I'll make a fortune on eBay! A fortune, I tell ya!" "What's eBay?" "Never mind, I'm, uh, sending these to grandma."
  26. Inside the New York State Pavilion

    Could it be that an information booth or such was sometimes there?
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