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The Burton Holmes Lectures In 1900

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I was very lucky to find some years ago in France one of the fabulous books wrote by the very famous american traveller Burton Holmes.

It's second volume of a collection of ten volumes edited in 1901.

This one is dedicated to his travel in france, with 3 parts :

1) round about paris

2) Paris exposition 1

3) Paris exposition 2

and of course, the 2 last parts interest me much !

For a french guy like me, passionated by the 1900 world's fair, ilt's always very interesting to know more, and especially to discover the fair with another eyes.

Lot of good information, how he appreciate the event, but moreover much beautiful photos.

In this book, photos are choosed with very good quality, and especially well printed on quality covered paper... a really marvellous book !

I don't know if this book is rare or not in USA... but here, that was the first time I saw it !

The Chariot of progress at the top of the US pavilion :


The US bar under the pavilion, along the Seine :


The crowd front of then US pavilion, certainly the week-end...

take a look to the closer people at right... Photoshop before photoshop !


American music... and the Loïe Fuller theater... she was very appreciated by world's fair visitors.

That was place in the "Paris Street", a long street where was much untertaintment places :


In this book, we can fnd few colored photos, as this one with the US pavilion (between the turkish one and the Austrian one) :


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AM I seeing that color photo correctly? Are those buildings all built along a common base?

It appears that the railing along the river is designed to match the pavilion behind it! Note that the railing is different in front of the Turkish pavilion than it is in front of the U.S. and Austrian pavilions. In fact, the Austrian railing detail looks like the details below the roof line of the Austrian building. Clever.

If I'm seeing this wrong, can you help me understand what I'm seeing?

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Not very easy for me to explain precisely in english... I will try :unsure:

At this part of the river Seine, that was very narrow between Paris street, trees on the border (they don't want to cut all ranges of old trees to built these pavilions) and the water.

Second problem was the passage of trains lines, wich come from the Champ-de-Mars Station (near the Eiffel tower) at the west of the fair, to the Invalides station, at east of the fair.

They decided to enlarge the quay (with wood's pilotis) and to built a second flood, with trains lines under this range of 15 pavilions (and 8 more behind in a second range)... it's the reason of the second floor...

along the river, near the water, they built restaurants, or bars, with the same style than pavilions above... this quay was make as the pavilion, only for the world's fair duration.

As you can imagine, under these pavilions, it's a tunnel... and the trains, between these 2 stations was electric... no place for the trains smoke.

Maybe it's more understandable on this 3D model :


I hope it's clear now... don't hesitate to ask me for more details or explanation ;)

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Thanks for the wonderful pictures. Having grown up in Chicago, I was startled to see "Chicago Neapolitans."

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