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The 1915 Panama-Pacific Fair only lasted that one year, closing in December. Almost every structure was demolished, but the Palace of Fine Arts, designed by the famous Bernard Maybeck, was retained.

The first photo shows the Palace in 1919, with some returned World War soldiers posing in front.

In the 1950s, the building was declared unsafe and funds were raised to completely rebuild it. Demolition began in 1964 and a few years later the Palace rose again, built of sturdier materials.

The next several photos show the demolition of the Palace, and the last photo shows how it appears today. Few visitors realize that the structure they see today isn't the original Palace, but a reconstruction.

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I don't think I fully realized that the current structure is an entirely new creation. Nevertheless, the final product, the location, the setting and the elegance of what was preserved is a treasure for San Fancisco. That last photograph says it all.

Thank you for posting these images.

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