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1964 WORLD'S FAIR R36 subway cars

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Hello- I have a Model (?) of a R36 WF (worlds fair) subway car. It is a R36 and numbered 9586 and 9587, they are still bolted on the 55 in track and together the trains are 50 in long. They came in a long wooden black case, with a handle. The front, on the destantion signs says "Special" on one and "Worlds fair" on the other. They have the New York City Transit Authory "TA" on the side. They are the blue color that these cars were painted for the fair. They (the REAL cars) were ordered and made for the fair from the St. Louis Car Company. I don't know if these are salemans samples, they are not marked salesman samples, prototypes. or what they were used for, may an exhibit for the fair? I have been told they are worth quite a bit of money and very rare. The man I am actually reaching and SELLING these for, has had them since about 1976. The orginal instruction label is on the inside of case. You can tell this set is an old set, not a resent made reproduction. They are wood, each car one piece, (St Louis car co was the last to make wooden subway cars). If anyone could please tell me what they were used for, mine not the REAL subway cars, PLEASE let me know, thanks Karen mailto:sout77@bellsouth.net I will try to attach pics but if I can't email me and I will send them

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