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Randy Treadway

Jordan Pavilion

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Here is a picture of the Jordan Pavilion dated May 7, 1964, as seen from the Swiss Sky Ride.

There is a lot of activity going on here. A marching band is exiting from the front of the pavilion and lining up on the street. They are wearing the traditional arabic headress- I forget what those things are called- Yassar Arafat used to wear one, and I heard they are usually in traditional tribal color patterns.

People seem to all be looking and pointing their cameras at the 'front door' of the pavilion, as if somebody important is coming out.

Can somebody check and see if this is the day that King Hussein visited?

The Column of Jerash is on the far left.


Here's a higher resolution closeup of the crowd. There also seems to be a small crowd observing something going on in the middle of the street- maybe a TV or radio interview, or somebody signing autographs perhaps.


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From the Jordan Pavilion newsletter....


Since the photograph is dated May 7th, it's certainly within a month of the Pavilion opening. So perhaps it's one of the daily performances of the Army Band, and not the Hussein visit.

As I mentioned awhile back, somewhere I have a slide (not scanned yet)- another view from the Swiss Sky Ride- that shows a much larger crowd at the Jordan Pavilion and the RCA Color TV mobile truck. When that one works its way up in the backlog for scanning, I'll try to remember to paste it here and see if it amplifies anything.

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This slide has been languishing in my digital collection for a while now.

I had titled it 'unknown Middle Eastern band'. It is dated May 1964.

I'm now sure that this is the Jordan Army band as mentioned in the article above.

Bill C.- take note......




comparison- a recent photo on the official Jordan Army web page:


The Jordanian Armed Forces Band, ┬ęZohrab

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