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Randy Treadway

...by popular demand

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I'll post daily "Pictures of the Day" in the order of whatever gets the most votes.

Vote soon!

Vote often!

Vote before every meal! (and be sure to floss afterward)

(then check back to see what pictures result)

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Whadda ya think, dis is Chicago?

Youse gotta be dead before you can vote multiple times- den its okay. And if yer a Teamster youse can get special dispensation too. If yer a Teamster and yer dead, you get unlimited voting. (if yer Jimmy Hoffa, be sure and let us know!)

But if youse wants to just say whats yer second choice would be, just post it here.

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Will keep an eye out, MB- off-hand I can't think of anything in that category right now.

How about the Fountains of the Fairs? The mere fact that they put an "s" on the end of Fairs implies that it was meant to honor the '39-40 version as well as '64-65.

But then I doubt there's anybody here who hasn't seen hundreds of FotF pictures already, so nothing new there.

I checked to see if I have any '64 pictures of the Aquacade or NYC Building that would show a cornerstone with an original date on it, but no luck.

Not even a '64 picture of the plaque honoring the policemen killed in 1940.

The architecture of the Aquacade or NYC Building is all I have in pictures (so far)- which is obviously 1930's style (the Aquacade ticket kiosks and the NYC Building waterfalls and moderne main entrance being prime examples).

It seems that what remained (or was exhibited) in '64-65 pointing to the earlier Fair, was even less than what remains in the park in 2006 from '64-65.

If you have anything specific in mind (they exhibited a '39-40 "XXX" on the upstairs veranda of Pavilion "ZZZ" in the summer of '65), we'll be happy to go look for it and put it on the mental "watch out for it" list.

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