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When I was at the park last week I visited the carousel. I have updated the site with several new photos.

Go to my site at http://64nywf65.20m.com/New%20Index.htm and click on the following links inn the menu on left.

1. Conditons of the carousel appear at "Then and Now"

2. Pictures of the Organ are at "The Organ"

3. Interesting FMCP rest room photo at "Odds and Ends"

I was able to speak with John the proprietor of the carousel. The good news is that he and his wife have just signed a six year contract to operate the carousel. The bad news is he is frustrated with the city (who still owns the carousel) because the mechanicals need updating ($15K estiamte) and the whole structure needs a major paint job (view photos). John does want to restore the carousel to an early version paint scheme. He mentioned red and blue which hopefully repesent the 1965 scheme. Hopefully the city will respond.

One side note: Our visit was last Monday. There must have been a festival the day before becaused the park was really trashed. Garbage everywhere and no sight of any crews cleaning it up. I'm sure they got to it later that day or the next although we were there from about 11am to noon.

It was a bit disheartening to see that there were many many blue plastic trash recepticles where maybe half were empty. Visitors over the weekend chose to toss their garbage on the ground instead of in the bins. It wasn't just on the fields where the festival was held (norht of NYS Pavilion) but all along the walks and around the Unisphere. Unfortunately the cost of labor to clean up these messes may cut into the funds that could be used in other areas of the park for improvement.

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