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<a href="http://64nywf65.20m.com/New%20Index.htm" target="_blank">http://64nywf65.20m.com/New%20Index.htm</a> Click the link in the laeft hand column "In the Beginning"

I have finally tracked down a picture and very short film clip of the Feltman's carousel from Coney Island. This carousel was combined with the Stubbman Carousel for which many pictures exist on my site including some new ones recently posted.

The Illions horses from the Feltman outer rows make up the outer rows of the World's Fair Carousel from Carousel Park.

I would like to thank Hoodlock for helping me decipher the identification and location of this carousel. He is amazing. I will add more info about it in the future.

Also, Coming Soon, the story of the horses form the Feltman and Stubbman carousels which did not make it to the World's Fair.

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