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"Expositions, are timekeepers of progress."

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"Expositions, are timekeepers of progress." President William McKinley

Quiz, Part 1

The United States has had 28 fair or expositions from 1853 to present time. That 149 years of fair history, or about one fair every 5.3 years, I don’t think the USA is finished with them. Would anyone like to take a shot at the names and cities for the following fair years?





























Part 2

Chicago's fair of 1933 was the first world's fair to have a theme as far as I can tell, although it was a lengthy one. A Century of Progress Chicago International Exposition of 1933 theme is to attempt to demonstrate to an international audience the nature and significance of scientific discoveries, the methods of achieving them, and the changes which their application has wrought in industry and in living conditions.

Other fairs have had shorter ones; can you match the theme to its fair?

"The Completion of the Panama Canal"

"Love song of iron and steel"

"Man in the Space Age"

"The Confluence of Civilizations in the Americas"

"Energy Turns the World"

"Celebrating a Fresh, New Environment"

The World of Rivers - Fresh Water as a Source of Life"

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eek.gif What? 1853 New York - Barnum and the Crystal Palace knock off in Bryant Park, NYC doesn't count as the first of it's kind in the U.S?

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"Confluence of Civilizations In The Americas"

was the theme of Hemisfair '68.

PS: William McKinley made the statement that "expositions are the timekeepers of progress" the day before he was shot at the Temple of Music at the 1901 Buffalo Pan American Exposition. Also, April 28 will mark the 35th anniversary of the opening of Montreal's Expo 67.

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