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Bill Cotter

The Dominican Republic pavilion

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Not only was this Pavilion one of the less photographed, it was one of the least well known.

The phrase "Dominican Republic" not only does not appear in any of the official Guidebooks (1964, 1965), it also does not appear on any of the official Time-Life Maps (1964, 1964-1965).

The Pavilion shown in the photo is a part of the Caribbean Pavilion, which is listed in both Guidebooks and Maps.  When I first came upon this Pavilion (in photos), I thought it must have come from another World's Fair.  But you can clearly see in the photo above, the lighting masts for the Unisphere and the NY Towers in the background and can triangulate back to the Caribbean Pavilion.

It seems that Mr. Moses (or others) had the most trouble with our South American neighbors (I'm looking at you Argentina).

And to think that the Dominican Republic is the most visited destination in the Caribbean (United Nations World Tourism Organization) although it was being ruled by a "leftist" government (in 1964) and there was a civil war there in 1965, later being stabilized into a more"friendlier" one to the US (I'm looking at you CIA).


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The US invaded the Dominican Republic in 1965.  It was not the first time nor was it universally welcomed by Dominicans.  

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