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Something for Everyone at nywf64.com!

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Hello everybody!  I just sent out a MailChimp broadcast to subscribers to nywf64.com about some of the new things that I've put online at the website these past few weeks and wanted to inform everyone here as well.  Because the sections below are screen shots of the MailChimp email campaign, you can click on the screen shots to be taken to those featured items at nywf64.com.  The documents screen shot will take you to The Fair, The City and The Critics document.  If you'd like to read HOW TO MAKE A UNISPHERE, the title here is the link to that document.

As always, thanks for visiting nywf64.com.  I truly hope you enjoy the presentations.  Like Bill Cotter's fabulous website, it is always a work in progress and I am adding new things quite often (but I'm sure I'll be slowing down over the Holidays), although they are not always easy to find.  I'm hoping that the Home Page will direct you to some of the things that I think are most interesting and enjoyable.  But, please, don't neglect to use the Navigation Bar at the top of the website to find many of the hidden attractions.  There's a lot of stuff that's gone online in the last 18 years and you will uncover many of them by using the Navigation Bar to access the drop-down menus leading to the presentations.









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Thanks, Bill.  The Scrapbook pages are fantastic!

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