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It Happened At The World's Fair

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TCM aired the Elvis feature, It Happened At The World's Fair, tonight (July 31).  I've seen it many times but I always look for it and I've even bought the dvd.  It's short on plot and it has the distinction as the one Elvis film that produced no top ten hits.  Nevertheless, it's a joyful movie and the scenes of the Seattle World's Fair are quite wonderful.  And it's remarkable to consider that the movie was made as Century 21 was in progress and hundreds of World's Fair visitors became the extras for so many scenes.  What a thrill that must have been.  I always look for the scene when little Sue-Lin bites into the Belgian Waffle (it predates the NYWF) which is almost bigger than she.  And the scene of Mike and Diane (Elvis and Joan O'Brien) having dinner in the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle is perfect.  It actually captures the motion of the  restaurant as it revolves.  The final tune is "Happy Ending," with beautiful views of the Fair.  This is really a movie that is happy throughout.  And there, forever captured on film, is The Century 21 Exposition.  It's a must see for anyone who loves world's fairs.







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