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1981 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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I'm going down a rabbit hole on wikitravel and I find it has a listing of Wolrd's Fair host cities.  One that caught my eye was Plovdiv 1981.  I checked here, knowing it's never been listed even as an empty forum.


It existed! and existed again in 1985 and 1991.



Was this missed by accident?

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Not sure how to consider this information.  The fair site strikes me as something very similar to a state fairgrounds which is used each year.  The NYS fairgrounds is 300+ acres, for example, with enormous exhibition buildings (including a brand new 136,000 square foot Empire Expo Center set to open in July).  The art deco 1930s era Center of Progress Building is over one hundred yards long.  All are filled with a wide variety of exhibits ranging from art, model trains, music, theatre, industry, science and health, horse shows, farm and domestic animals, clubs, horticulture, conservation and the like during the annual 13 day run of the fair.  Many are used all year and some operate as museums all year and there is even even a dinner theater.  I wonder if this is basically what this site in Bulgaria is all about.  As for Expo 81, the dates indicate it only ran for just under four weeks:  June 14 through July 12.  The theme was hunting.  It's hard to imagine this event was a big hit or even why the BIE gave it any sort of specialized sanction.

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Sounds almost similar to the trade fair held annually in Hannover, Germany, the site of Expo 2000.  Lack of attendance at Expo 2000 was mainly blamed on the fact that Hannover was recognized as an international trade fair site and that most people assumed Expo 2000 was just an expanded version of the usual Hannover trade fair.

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