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Need help with a World's Fair Souvenir

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I stopped today at a place that is in the business of cleaning out houses.   I should have said at the beginning that I can count my 64/65 World's Fair souvenirs on the fingers of both hands.  I'm really not a collector.  But I paused when I saw this tiny puppy:


Can someone tell what this is worth?  It's new in the box (never been used--the wick is new), I paid $5.00 for it.




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Thanks, all.

I'm debating whether I should keep it or not.  I just amazed by its size.  The pictures above are about actual size.  It's so tiny, must be a woman's lighter. I looked in the Goldfarb Catalog, and although there are some similar models, it's not there.  Did Goldfarb have variations of his items for sale?  Or were they all to spec? Is there more than one catalog?

I'm still surprised that one of  his most expensive items (excluding gold and silver jewelry) shows up on eBay a lot.



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