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NBC Today at the World's Fair promo slide

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Promo slide

at the World's Fair


The artwork is very apparently a freebie from Fomica, with the TODAY promo text burned in.

The slide is mounted in glass, as it typically would be for use in a TV studio. The mount is marked with the NBC "snake" logo.

 This was faded toward purple, so I have played with the color.

Today at WF chan4 s.jpg

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Wayne, was the "Today at the World's Fair" actually a daily promotion on WNBC in New York?   My family got WPIX, WOR and WNEW via cable and all covered some events at the Fair but none had any sort of daily promotion or listing of events that I can recall.  I was unaware that any of the television stations did.  Do you have more information?


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Oops - sorry for not posting the seller's note:

"I'm selling 1- vintage glass slide promoting NBC's Today Show which was being broadcast live from the World's Fair. 
I believe this was from the 1950's or 1960's.
This slide was used in a Filmchain at the NBC studio in Washington. The Filmchain was a machine that would capture the image, turn it into an electronic signal, then converted back into a picture on your television set. This is a 35mm transparency (2" x 2" slide) encased between two pieces of glass and taped at the edges to hold it together. They were used to promote the day and time of an upcoming show. This is an original slide that was used on the air. It is not a reproduction.
These slides were brought home by my father as his personal souvenirs."

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