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1901 Pan American Exposition Gold medal

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Just found this site and am looking for a little help.  I have a gold medal from the 1901 Pan American Exposition and have tried to learn of it's background, to no avail.  I have not been able to find any mention of it in any literature, and I have not been able to locate a picture of it's likeness.  I'm wondering if someone might know the history of this medal, or point me in a direction where I might find some information.  I would be happy to email more pictures if that would help.





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I don't know specifically about this 1901 gold medal, but many of the early International Expositions and World's Fairs also served as Trade Fairs, with judged reviews of exhibited products and artworks.  It was very common to award medals to the winners.

...the most famous of which was Campbell Soup winning a gold medal for their canned condensed soup at the 1900 International Exhibition in Paris, France.  They showed this medal on their label for an entire century.




Some information is here:



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Hi Chase,

Is there any way to enlarge that photograph of the medal?  I've been interested in the Pan for many years and have done a good deal of my own research.  The wording on the medal would provide a good deal of information.  

The best source of information would be The Buffalo History Museum (formerly the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society).  It has the largest collection of Pan American artifacts and memorabilia along with extensive archives of information about the Pan.  They have been willing to assist me with information relating to a number of items I have collected and I have come across some very unusual  souvenirs and Pan artifacts.

There is also an outstanding website entitled "Doing the Pan:  The 1901 Pan American Exposition in Buffalo."  The site creator has an email contact and she has been quite willing to assist in finding answers to interesting questions from serious Pan enthusiasts.  The site, itself, is outstanding and includes remarkable information about everything from the weather in 1901, to specifics about the exhibits, interactive maps, daily newspaper accounts from about 1899 through 1902 and the like.


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