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Bill Cotter

Building the Florida Pavilion

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It's Newton's Law- whatever goes up, must come down.



The orange was a very visible symbol....



You could even take one home with you.


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Another shot from before Randy destroyed it. October 17, 1963.


Sadly someone was killed when all this was taken down: "The post-fair fatality was identified as 36-year-old Slavoslub Vujich of East Second Street, an employee of the Lew Morris Demolition Co. of Flushing. Mr. Vujich was crushed to death on December 23, 1964, when a 35-ton steel ring fell on him during the demolition of the Florida pavilion's porpoise show arena."

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Early erection of the framework.  Looks like they just poured the foundation.



Here they're placing one of the decorative plastic oranges over a window which provided the backlighting.


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