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Randy Treadway

Hostess Uniform

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I'm curious what the fabric colors were.  Bill, any color photos?

This looks like the one.  We didn't need a color photo after all.  Just special lenses to uncross our eyes after looking.  LOL



We all know from being kids at the movies, that black gloves are only worn in Texas by cattle rustlers.  Who can be hung without a jury trial. :) 

She changed shoes for the color photo.  The ones in the first photo were obviously not a uniform item.

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This could have been used as a test pattern for TV video circuit design. 

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I don't know, I kind of miss ol' pal, the Indian.



....which of course only served to tell us viewers at home something was wrong when the Indian looked like this. LOL



That usually meant the station had pulled the plug on the Indian for the night, and we weren't getting a good signal because there *wasn't* one.  Didn't stop us from fiddling with the knobs for ten minutes anyway.

I like her hippie moccasins in the first photo better anyway.  Totally 1968- Mamas & the Papas, Sonny & Cher.

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I still haven't figured out the difference between a guide and a hostess, and various period Hemisfair commentators seemed to use the two terms interchangeably.

I suspect hostesses worked for a specific pavilion.  There is a color photo of a group of girls in a yellow & orange classic That Girl jumper walking at Hemisfair, and another one with a girl in the same uniform pointing at something in the Bell Pavilion.  Then one of girls in four or five different uniforms (including the yellow Bell one) sitting together outdoors.  ALL of which looked better that the hideous test pattern disaster.  Since Bill hasn't spotted it in any slides yet, I wonder if it got rejected?  (but the color photo of it was in a recent 50th anniversary retrospective in San Antonio).






U.S. Pavilion hostesses wore navy blue.



A couple of Bill's Bell Pavilion photos, both of which feature the yellow & orange uniform, albeit the second one with the yellow & orange reversed.



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U.S. Pavilion on closing day.  Needs a little color correction; those uniforms were navy blue.



General Electric



Okay, the multicolor-with-yellow-boots uniform is described as 'Monorail hostesses'.  But notice in the first picture they all had identical uniforms, while here they alternate with a version that has the big green stripe on the skirt instead of the jacket.



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Two versions of the test pattern.  If one didn't permantly damage your vision, they came back with a second to finish you off.  At least they ditched the black cattle rustler gloves.

I prefer the candy striper.



Speaking of gloves in the Texas summer, a now-grandma who wore one of those navy blue U.S.Pavilion uniforms as a hostess, recalled the month long training that the white gloves were mandatory every single day, but they all ditched them on Opening Day and never wore them again.... except on two occasions.  A visit by the President & Lady Bird, and a visit by Prince Rainier & Princess Grace of Monaco.  They pulled out the white gloves.

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