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Craig Bavaro

The US wants to host a world's fairs again!

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News Flash

According to this AP article posted today, not only has the US rejoined the BIE, but the government wants us to host a World's Fair again in Minneapolis Minnesota in 2023. 


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2023 is designated a year for a Specialized Expo.  Only three months.

Minnesota's bid is 'Healthy People, Healthy Planet'.  Not exactly jaw-dropping inspirational stuff.  More like three months of yawn.  Mayo Clinic.

This kind of stuff is right up BIE's alley.

I have nothing against Minneapolis as a site.  It's a part of the country I'd like to visit.  But I'd like big thinking out of the box; the stuff that fueled NYWF 64-65, Montreal 67, and Expo'70.  NYWF demonstrated quite well that the BIE isn't needed, and can even get in the way.  People like to criticize NYWF because of mediocre foreign presence.  And I lay that 100% at the feet of the BIE- it was completely their doing, in their petty vindictiveness.

Who says that 2023 has to be a small specialized Expo?  Think big, go for BIG- stretching the envelope at every opportunity- and don't let ANYBODY get in the way of your dreams.  That's what America is all about.

Want to compromise? Okay, go for the little health fair, with the BIE's seal of approval.  Then name that Zone 1, with Zones 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 surrounding it- with those Zones letting 'er rip, no holds barred on technology and future vision.  Of course don't TELL the BIE you're going to have a little fair within a huge fair.  It's really none of their business.

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