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2000 Tribes

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This pavilion was presented by Wycliffe Bible Translators, a non-denominational effort to translate the Bible into every language in the world. I recall observing their featured mural, "Savage to Citizen," which described the brutal and bloody former life of a tribesman who converted to Christianity after receiving a bible from WBT in his own language.

















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Tariri's autobiography includes color photos of the murals inside the pavilion.  When he was flown to the Fair (first time he'd ever flown on a plane), he was also invited to ceremonially throw the switch at the Tower of Light, and he said he was very nervous about that, not understanding how so much power was controlled.



we have one tiny photo of the pavilion being dismantled after the Fair.


Dismantling the Wycliffe 2000 Tribes pavilion.jpg

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