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Arlington Hats - Ivel model

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I just found this model photo in a folder of some of my dad's stuff. He worked for Ivel before the fair on the Arlington Hat building design. I'm not sure exactly what he did, he was involved in all kinds of design work mostly interior. My dim memory recalls he created the design. Unfortunately he and my mom are gone so I have nobody to help find out more. He took me onto the site in March of 1964 during construction, a highlight of my life! Always had free passes, I constantly bugged my parents to go. I had over 20 stubs so I know I went at least that many times. And they were so cool they took me out of school to visit on opening day!

Notice that the sign is in French. How close is this design to the final construction? I'm sure somebody here has one in their collection, I'd be interested to see.

And of course, that's where the feathered hats were sold.


Ivel Arlington Hats Model.jpg

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This shows most of the building:


The sign was actually in English. It was promoting an exhibit about the man who discovered how to make felt, which is what most of the hats sold at the Fair were made from.

A LOT of people shopped at your dad's creation!!

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