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So we have, that we're supposed to sell, some 1893 World Columbian Expo tickets.

There are six Admit the Bearer in excellent condition, with each one having a different face.
One October 9th, Chicago Day ticket with the stub attached in excellent condition
One October 9th, Chicago Day Child's ticket with the stub attached in excellent condition
One October 21st, Manhattan Day ticket with the stub detached but in otherwise excellent condition

One Children’s Special Ticket, apparantly good for the entire expo. This is brown and has crease at the bottom left corner, and a water stain at the top right.

The last says Good Only on Day of Sale 1/S is brown and the right side is a bit beat up.

What exactly is this Good Good Only on Day of Sale ticket for? Was this a like a ride ticket?

From what we can tell, there were six different styles of the Admit the Bearer's and we have all six. Can we call this a "set" even though the numbers don't match or aren't relevant to one another?

We've had ephemera sets of items in the past, were sometimes one piece was missing or badly damaged. We've found the item to either fill in the empty spot or replaced the damaged item. With these two smaller tickets that are brown, are they of atypical quality? Should we try to get better versions of them to enhance the lot of them?

Thanks so much for advice!


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