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The Sanborn company produced detailed building atlases for fire insurance and other purposes. A partial map of the 1915 Expo...



...was included in this article:


Anyone doing research may like to know the Library of Congress has a collection of Sanborn maps and that Cal State Northridge intends to digitize their collection for online access.

PS Note the Incubator exhibit top middle right.



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Interesting. I pass by Cal State Northridge all the time. I wonder if any of their holdings are open to non-students. I tried to borrow a book there years ago and was told no, even though it was summer so no school, and despite paying taxes for decades. It would be interesting just to look at stuff like this though.

Do you know of any of these maps for other Fairs?

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Well that was fortuitous! You inspired me to re-check with nearby U Miami. I found out as a resident I can use their library and pay a fee for more services. This was not the case when I first inquired years ago. 

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