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Man the Producer Photos and Question - August 2016

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I spent 4-5 hours on Ile Notre Dame when I was back in Montreal a couple of weeks ago. The most recent photos of what remains of Man the Producer pavilion are attached. You will see some of the footings that still exist, as well as a couple of staircases and the remains of a walkway around a concrete pond, which appears to be the extension of one of the remaining canals. Do any of you know where those two staircases would have led to in 1967? You will see there is also a recently-constructed tower, which is located on one of the former pavilion foundation blocks. Finally, the brightly-painted wall on that cinder block building.  Who knows what that was in the day?  The best example of a remaining foundation footing rests on top of it. Do any of you have access to any photos that may depict anything in these pictures back in 1967 or before the pavilion was demolished?











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