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Bill Cotter

The Hall of Industry

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I think this became the Flag Pavilion and hosted many events.  Then it was torn down after it out lasted it's temporary life by years and was  replaced with Fisher Pavilion.  It was a great building and hosted King Tut even, however it wore out and Seattle decided to replace it. Here is some info on the new building from the Seattle Center website.

Fisher Pavilion History

The Flag Pavilion, the original structure on this site, was built to last only six-months as an exhibition space for the 1962 World's Fair. It actually lasted over 39 years as the home to over fifteen cultural festivals, commercial and public events. During the World's Fair, the facility served as a gathering place for many famous US politicians such as former president Lyndon Johnson, then- Governor Albert Rosellini, Senator John Glenn, and Senator Warren Magnuson

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