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NEW world's fair film "FACE of a Nation" coming out 2013...

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HI Everyone,

I recently joined this community because I hope you will support "FACE of a Nation" when we finish it this year.

I am a licensed architect and professor who has been researching the story of America's presence at world's fairs for 3 years.

"FACE of a Nation" traces the rise and fall of America's presence at world's fairs, and it is about the loss of the American dream when the U.S. government doesn't believe in American architecture.

We have Emmy-nominated music composer Joseph Vitarelli (HBO's "John Adams," and Academy-Award nomincated "My Architect") composing an original orchestral score to capture the love of our country.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me @: empresschow1@yahoo.com

I hope you will tell everyone about this film.



Mina M. Chow, AIA, NCARB, SAG


USC School of Architecture

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Hi Everyone,

I am speaking (and previewing parts of the film) at AIA Pasadena Foothill Chapter on March 20, 2013 from 6:00-8:00pm.

They are charging for the event because I will be lecturing on leadership and fundraising as well.

(Our film is not getting anything for this talk.)

But if you in Southern California, and interested in finding out more about "FACE OF A NATION" please come.


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On behalf of my nonprofit, World's Fair Historical Society, www.crystalpalace51.org, and myself, I am glad to see this issue of the United States and how it deals with world's fairs coming out.

There is another film that has just come out dealing with the same issue, go to this link to see it's trailer:


It is really good, I cannot wait to see these movies!

Randy Richter



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