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Marc Williams

Our community mentioned in the New York Daily News!

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If you haven't already seen the conversation our community was mentioned in an article in the New York Daily News! The increased interest generated by the article overwhelmed our server and we are working to ensure it doesn't happen in the future.

Here's the bit about WorldsFairCommunity.org:

Post said that he grew exasperated with handwringing on websites such as WorldsFairCommunity.org - commonly known as "Peace Through Understanding," after the slogan of the 1964 fair.

"Peace Through Understanding" makes sense, he admitted, for New York expats who cannot attend group functions but still want to share memories and view old photos and clips.

But Post's group allows locals to play an active role in preserving the legacy of the fairs.

His group, for example, latched onto a project to paint over the chipping red-and-white stripes on the rotunda of the New York State Pavilion, with approval from the city Parks Department.

Before there's any "handwringing" over the quote I want to point out one of the very active conversations here at the community about the ongoing work of our New York members to

We're a small community, and I don't mean WorldsFairCommunity.org, interest in world's fairs is not huge. All work to preserve fair legacies and raise awareness outside of our community should be applauded. I am happy this website played a role in bringing people together and making a difference.

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That's awesome! Glad to see the painters and their efforts mentioned!

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