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Thought some of you might get a chuckle out of this excerpt from the World's Fair Weekly for August 19, 1933:

When ten barkers start broadcasting there's sure to be a story.

And when ten barkers from A Century of Progress Midway concessions went to it last week in the Court of the Hall of Science to try to determine which of their brethern ballyhooed best, crowds gathered to look on, stayed to laugh. There was a swell time for everybody.

The crowd was interested from the start, but when Pat Delaney, shoutin' Irishman and veteran showman, stepped to NBC mikes to extol the virtues of the Oriental Theater and "Little Egypt of 1933," everybody knew that here was something. Pat shouted, cajoled, threatened and pleaded his way to victory over six of his pals who had qualified for the finals along with him.

On the road twenty-eight years, a veteran of the World War and a past master in the art of ballyhoo, Pat almost broke down when presented with the loving cup emblematic of his victory.

"I'm happy, most of all because of the pleasure it will bring to my dear old mother,"said Pat, with a catch in his voice, and even Little Egypt shed a few tears down her carmined cheeks. It later developed that Pat hasn't seen his mother in several years and doesn't even know where she lives, but he remembered her in his hour of triumph.

"I watch my crowd," Pat said. "I must be ready to change my speech any minute. You must sense the pulse of the audience."

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Hah! Also like the mention of THE World War... only ONE at that point.

Nice post.

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