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Definition of a Great Fair

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For me, I'd have to say it boiled down to a combo of four key elements.

1. The sheer scale. I mean, come on... almost three and a half square miles? It was literally a city within a city-- and many of the pavilions themselves were truly massive. I managed to actually visit 14 of them-- but I'm sure I could've easily spent a couple of weeks at Expo 2010 without seeing it all.

2. The participation. 250 countries and international organizations represented. Truly a World's Fair.

3. The aesthetic. Architecturally artful, interesting, engaging, and whimsical. China's historic sense of order and authority were both complemented and at times even challenged through inventive design. And after the sun went down? The place was purely magical.

4. Shanghai itself. One could argue that the "Pearl of the Orient" is almost a perpetual Expo of it's own. And as one of the relatively few Westerners who was lucky enough to count myself among the 70,000,000 who attended (of their own free will or otherwise!) I can tell you that as the host city, Shanghai definitely pulled out all the stops and rolled out an unforgettable red carpet for the entire world.

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