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3d reconstruction project / Exposition Internationale des Arts et des Techniques de 1937

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Even if I start to post the work-in-progress of the New York World's Fair, as third project for the BIE...

I have already made the second, about the 1937 exposition in Paris.

Before to post pictures about the reconstruction, few words about this expo, and about this project for the BIE (9 little 3d movies together).

As for the previous film, I have to choose a pavilion and emblem whose theme is related to that of the exhibition ... Arts and Techniques in Modern Life ... !

Many pavilions could be great to rebuilt, but it was one that is also impressive, majestic, original ... and in the air!

Against all odds, the Palais de l'Air, which would be retained.

Its qualities are numerous.

Its beauty alone is worth the detour, with this huge glass, like a cockpit, made entirely rhodoïd ... aircraft at the forefront of technology and records are attached to the inside ...

in fact, the cosmos, with a sort of multicolored cores, have the rings of Saturn, or traces left by improbable tricks, inside which it is possible to walk, to to approach closer to the aircraft in flight!

Art Deco is not forgotten, as this huge vessel dedicated to the static aircraft appears to have clean lines and pulled ...

... And to finish it off, an unrivaled location, making for at the Grand Palais in 1900, across the Pont Alexandre III, so nicely dressed and adapted for this event.

That is the first photograph that sums up everything, taken from the Official Album of the 1937 exhibition, in color:


We can see that huge ship dedicated to heavier than air, with this stained glass window that would be pretty impressive ... in the foreground, we recognize the Pont Alexandre III and the pillars so remarkable. Note the "tubes" that decorate and illuminate the bridge at expo37 ... There are huge neon signs, decorative overcoming windows ... these lamps resemble large bulbs with filaments of the tubes be included.


Some details about this Palace of the Air:

Situated on the Esplanade des Invalides, it measures 135 meters long and 35 m wide and has three halls

main, which are found in the following order, when you cross the palace, entering by the side


1) Hall truncated material of the Chambre Syndicale and Nationalised Industries, with

spiral staircase to the public to rise up to a plane suspended above

a bed of engines and decoration amid a ring of Saturn, while

other aircraft are looming before a map showing the decentralization of manufacturing.

2) Dome atmospheric stage Aviation popular with a range of light aircraft

suspended above a glider Gliding a mechanical movement is moving in

rud around the visitors. In the galleries around, paintings, dioramas and displays of models


3) Great Hall of civil and military aviation technical side and with galleries galleries

first floor for special techniques to aviation and the great facts

French aeronautics.

In the great hall, had the most characteristic classes civilian and military training aircraft, defense aircraft, transport planes. These aircraft are staged to the height of a balcony where visitors can enter the fuselage of an airliner where the whole room seems to fly.

The great hall is also one of the major airlines, that is to say that the global air network of Air France and Air Afrique from the Board, and the hall is home at the same time all the fundamental achievements of Infrastructure at the forefront of which is the new Port-Air Show.

The Palace of Aeronautics has a lobby at each end.


Here is the interior of the canopy. This photograph in black and white does not appear to do just the record ... we must imagine a vast hall, where large airplanes are silver suspended in the air ... These cores and multicolored, which seem to fly in space! this effect would be even more of this night because of the powerful lights of different colors that came from these circles ...

This is also why I chose to do that scene almost at night, to try to bring out the best these lights, the colors, the atmosphere ...

a bit like the illustration below, although a bit distracted by the artist, but which perfectly reflects the spirit of achievement!


But that's not all, there will be not only the Palais de l'Air in the movie ...

we find the Pont Alexandre III and its new features bright

a cons-field compared to the final subject, a background of the Grand Palais ... History does not forget that we are in Paris ... the mast of the Pavilion of Radio, and the Tower of Refrigeration.

Here is a picture that will give an idea of possible field-cons (the Tower of Refrigeration, this picture is not visible on the left, before the Grand Palace, we have the Palais de l'Air in the back):


One last thing is planned, just to give some life to this show, the electric train, whose previous plot could look very artistic, but very different from what it was really, judging from this picture :


It is now time to start "making" of this project!

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As the project is just finishing, I'll don't post all work-in-progress pictures here, but only the important steps.

The first polygons of the first part :

The entrance :



I really like this sculpture, a stylized airplane... strangely, there's no much photos about it... maybe that was the good taste at this time huh.gif

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Now the rear part, less interesting shape, but very big and impressive size blink.gif





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Inside the main canopy were three aircraft chase, reflects of French technological advance in aviation.


Of these three aircraft, one was actually visible from the outside, so I would reserve the others for a future project, including the inside of the pavilion. For now, I'll stick to Potez 63, which was the highlight of this exhibition aircraft.


Purists and aviation buffs will notice some differences with the Potez 63 series, it is probably a prototype or model of pre-series ... or why not what is called a standard-size!

Inside the dome rhodoïd, the aircraft was suspended, making sensible cores surrounded by a decorative effect and cosmic. These cores were bright and created beautiful lighting effects at night.


It still lacks the bridge that allowed a better view of the aircraft. It started at the bottom left arcs and circles to mount a tour of the device and then descends to the right, toward the kind of projecting stair tower.

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Last but not least step in the construction of the Palais de l'Air, canopy, or rather the nave covered Rhodoïd, you can see inside the gateway that allowed to tour the Potez 63.


We realize that in order to face the interior, plane, rings and bridges are not really visible when the translucent cover in place, so I chose a scene almost nightly.


Incredible architecture, it almost looks like a sphinx of modern times!


At this stage, the pavilion is finished, but I'll still make the immediate environment, simply consists of bins with conifers, the openings in the Gare des Invalides below, a sign, trash receptacles and streetlights Art Deco style!

He will then spend time at the completion of the Pont Alexandre III.


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The illuminated windows of the Pont Alexandre III at the 1937 Expo in Paris.

At around the Pont Alexandre III now, or rather the achievement of major elements that have revived the day this bridge dating from the 1900 exhibition, I mean those showcase lamp so special.


These large bulbs, they participated in the nightlife share their insights, but also because of the lighted windows at the base.


Six on each side of the bridge, in addition to the decorative, they exhibit market power with their showcase, but also a great advertisement for the Philips brand, with both logos on each lamp.


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The lights of the Pont Alexandre III in 1900 at the Expo of 1937 in Paris.

Art Deco in the 1937 exhibition, with its ephemeral constructions, and the bridge with its illuminated windows, is one thing, but do not forget what is behind the scenes, the Pont Alexandre III as it was before, in its 1900...


So, we perceive the edges of the bridges between the illuminated shop windows, with balustrades and lampposts these recognizable, inseparable from the Pont Alexandre III.


In the end, there will be other models of streetlights, even more impressive, surrounded by small bronze statues, which I realized that if I am truly obliged, according to the framing. The scene is hard enough like that without adding too many details to be invisible in the final frames.

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The Palace of Cold - 1937 Expo in Paris.

A new pavilion of the Exposition of 1937, the Palace of Cold ... not that he has a particular interest in this film, but he was part of the scenery, between the Grand Palais and the Pont Alexandre III ...


This pavilion is mainly known because of the Tower of Cold, which was covered with real ice! That is all the refrigeration industry and brought comfort, especially in food preservation ... we are in 1937, all households are not equipped with refrigerators!


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Porte du Pont Alexandre III - 1937 Expo in Paris.

Here is another item that had to hit the frame when it was near the Pont Alexandre III. We can not say that it is a mad originality, but because of its size, the mast above the Porte du Pont Alexandre III with its hundreds of flags must be visible!


This iron tower was 100 meters high and rested on a steel ball, itself resting on a cone of golden color.

The mast was maintained through wireline decked multicolored flags.


Proportionally, the Gate of the Pont Alexandre III to its location, close against the Grand Palais ... Low polygon version here, which will replace the film in its detailed and heavy!


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Electric Train Expo of 1937 in Paris

And finally, the little detail that will add a little life to the film, the electric train to the Exhibition ... or how to navigate the show without getting tired.


I also realized the little station, which was on the bridge, near the Porte Alexander III. There he had to line up!


The number of cars seemed random, finding pictures with four or five ... I chose to put five, during his visit, the train will also allow me to hide some elements of decoration missing ... Like the rest of the show, or the environment in Paris, especially when passing the camera on the Pont Alexandre.


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The Palace of Aeronautics, in color - 1937 Expo in Paris

Clearly, as the film is supposed to happen late in the day, I am already a similar atmosphere to control textures.


As I guessed, the aircraft inside is not really visible. Besides, he was seen at the time especially in the drawings, as in the number of the illustration, while being hardly distinguishable in some photos.


Regarding the interior gateway ... I make a choice as any staff in its color ... having found no indication in my reading!


There was usually a few small houses along the Palais de l'Air, but I really did not have enough references to replenish them, again, it just hiding the building ...


So I would avoid in the film frame too wide, and the only side view will certainly tight enough on the nave of the palace.


Even up close, you can not see much ... This was the case at the time ... This glass was made in rodhoïd and not glass.

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Final steps of texturing - 1937 Expo in Paris - BIE project

So continuation of textures with the environment of the Palace of Aeronautics ... pass the Pont Alexandre III, in a livery which we always know it ... but now with the Philips lighting decorations.


Having found no specific reference when the contents of these windows, I am merely putting on a few posters of the same exhibition of 1937.


The lights are turned off here, but I cling to restore their pomp of light in the movie.


On this view, one can appreciate the "cohabitation" of styles ... between 1900 and lampposts those of 1937!


A quick stop at the center of the Pont Alexandre III, against the light of sunset in Paris. It lacks only the statues located outside of the bridge ... but I think it's a detail that will be almost invisible in the film, since there will be no similar frame.


An overview of the Palace of Cold, and its famous tower! It is here treated conservatively, it will preview in the background, but his presence was indispensable.


Outside the tower, the architecture is sober, almost cold ... normal! It lacks a little excitement and warmth.


Always the Palace of Cold, and the little house Larousse, serving also connection between the Alexander III Bridge, the Grand Palace in the background, and the Pont Alexandre door, decked out with its mast.


A somewhat broader view of the bridge. I hope one day I will have the opportunity to fill all empty spaces ... Exhibition of 1937 in Paris!


A view unlikely, the Gateway Bridge Alexander ... difficult to imagine that today, at the opening of the bridge, before the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais.


The metal mast 100 meters ...


... With a number of flags!


Amid flag Larousse, the electric train's Fair ... his station Pont Alexandre.


The electric train, ready to spin towards Invalides.


The station of the electric train at the end of the Pont Alexandre.


A last view of the electric train, which delivered its final, has lost its car-like yes-yes


Now to the last element of the decor, essential, which reminds us that we are in Paris: Grand Palais!


A last view depicting these elements of the environment, which will serve as input in the Palais de l'aviation, the bridge and light decorations, the Palace of Refrigeration and Pavilion Larousse, the electric train, the door Pont Alexandre and the mast 100 meters and the Grand Palais ... an impressive team!


The next steps are to refine the environment, add the green where needed, and of course to add new characters, visitors to the Exhibition of 1937 in Paris ... then complete the animation.

A note that before here, I would present a working model without textures, to validate the "ride" in its entirety.

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Fantastic job lemog.Hard to fatham Paris would be occupied by the Nazi`s within three years of this exhibition.

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Great job!

I've seen many photos of those trains, but only two or three of the Palace of Air. I had seen the color one, and it was indeed intriguing.

I've spent the last several days going through a bunch of photos of the 1935 Brussels International Expo. There was a House Larrouse there too.

Even today, the Alexandre III Bridge is one of the most attractive in Paris.

I wonder why the Palace of Air was not kept? It would have made a splendid Aviation Museum for Paris.

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Thanks a lot Randy for these good posts...

I'm ok with you, the Palace of Air was made an interesting Museum or other... but as many pavilion, it was not totally built in "hard"...

Here's a another photo taked inside, mural decorations are a bit more visible :


I also forget to post this 2 maps... to understand better how that was inside :



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Now a photo I like much... the rear part of the palace is visible at right... in front the Attraction Park... with the Old France...


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and the map with palace of Air situation, number 12 :


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Now a photo I like much... the rear part of the palace is visible at right... in front the Attraction Park... with the Old France...


those decorations and lights on the radio tower make it look like a 'ghost tree'.

By the way, it looks like in the foreground is the 1937 Belgian Village which was included on the list of 'previous Expo Belgian Villages' on the circa 1963 pamphlet that Wayne discovered a few days ago.

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By the way, it looks like in the foreground is the 1937 Belgian Village which was included on the list of 'previous Expo Belgian Villages' on the circa 1963 pamphlet that Wayne discovered a few days ago.

Yes, it's really similar... it's the old france !

Several French provinces are represented ... but it also celebrates 20 years where Alsace again became French!

It's therefore natural that part of Alsace is very well represented, with many buildings, styles fairly close to the Olg Belgium.

More photos :

The Attraction Park entrance




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