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The "Phantom" Pavilion of France & The Pavilion of Paris are NEW at nywf64.com

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Come to the Fair!

It was to have been one of the largest International Pavilions at the Fair -- yet it was never built! Mike Kraus explores The Pavilion of France and discovers the Joi de Vivre! that might have been. Then, although the Pavilion of France is a New York World's Fair phantom, The Pavilion of Paris and French Industry was a World's Fair reality. Mike shares with us some memorabilia from one of the Fair's more obscure pavilions.

In the early years of nywf64.com, Mike hosted a companion website called nywf64photos.com and some might remember that website and Mike's great photo collection. Mike donated his site to nywf64.com and you can expect to see his photos again on upcoming feature presentations and on updates to existing pavilion features. Look for the "Mike Kraus Gallery" when visiting the pavilion presentations at nywf64.com.

nywf64.com is your online source for information on the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair.

Bill Young


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Thanks Mike and Bill!

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