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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I am really glad I discovered this forum about World Fairs. I love visiting where they have been, I am going to Lisbon soon so look forward to going there. Also, I make art. I spent some time in Montreal and will spend more time there this year. I really liked the old Expo grounds and the two obvious things that stood out for me were Habitat 67 and the Biosphere. As a designer/artist, it got my ideas working and decided to make artwork about them. I used traditional drawing and digital work, 3d graphics, real life drawing pens and 2d editing software 'tradigital'. I wanted to make them a bit retro and evocative of that time. I attach the images, I have them as prints and postcards too to sell. Also, my development sketches which are here were also used in an exhibition back here in the UK about traditional drawing in the digital age - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1507441546174854.1073741837.1411700095749000&type=3 Here are some of my pictures and the development shots. If anyone is interested or knows a place where I can share ideas about artmaking based on World Expos will be great. Best regards, James. www.jamesabellart.com
  2. I had came across an old painting that is an original painting from Worlds fair. Stamped New York French pavilion. very good condition. Looking for information
  3. Hello, I am wondering what happened to the art and paintings that were sent to the Czech pavillion? I am also wondering if Mr. Ruffo might remember paintings from Frantisek Michl? My new Czech son-in-law is the grandson of the late F.M. and we have been searching for any information on the works that were sent there, and any history that might be available on his participation. I am so glad to have found this site; we've been searching for a 'ruffo' everywhere as the name was (badly) written among letters and receipts he is archiving. Any information at all would be so welcome. Thank you! Elizabeth Darby Shaw new member
  4. Art from the Fair

    I recently purchased an expressionist abstract painting at auction signed Arp. Written in large print along the edging on the back of the canvas was the declaration that the painting is by the artist H. Arp, entitled 'Moonscape', and displayed at the '64-'65 NYC World's Fair. I'd like to track down the story of this painting and see if I can verify the statements on it. The former IBM Art Collection included art by Jean (Hans) Arp, and much of their collection came from an art hall featured in their '39 NYC exhibition. Does anyone know whether their '64-'65 exhibition included art? Another possibility are the various moon-related exhibits. Does anyone know about artwork that may have been displayed in those exhibits? I appreciate your help. If there's any interest in seeing the art piece, I can probably post a picture of it!
  5. I am looking for a very specific NY State Pavilion brochure that mentions Andy Warhol's mural "The Thirteen Most Wanted Men" was, as I'm sure many of you are familiar, a mural depicting enlargements of NYPD “mug shots” that was commissioned for the exterior of Philip Johnson’s New York State Pavilion for the 1964 World’s Fair. In an article found in the Journal-American dated, April 15, 1964, titled "Mural is Something Yegg-stra," the authors mention a brochure for the NY State Pavilion. The article reads as follows: "The Pavilion's brochure explains more specifically that "the repeated images forma field a rectangle nearly coextensive with that of the canvas. It adds hopefully: 'Many artists have been against commerce and industry and society in general. This attitude seems too simple now, even naive. Warhol and many contemporary artists are interested in society as it is.' Frederic B. Vogel, director of special events of the New York State Commission on the World's Fair and the man who supposedly had final say on the mural was not immediately available for comment." I have been unable to locate a copy of this brochure, has anyone ever seen one or have one their collection?
  6. Hi, I'm trying to find out if a mural was on display somewhere at the '39 WF. Some people think it might have been in one of the Latin American country pavilions, like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, or Cuba. I think it is more likely to have come from being used as a temporary mural/banner for one of the many "special event" days or weeks the fair had. Perhaps from Mardi Gras week? This mural is over 40 feet long, so it definitely took up a lot of space and was visible. It's also painted on canvas. The artist signs his name "Ovidio 1939." Haven't been able to find the name "Ovidio," but it's probably the artist's first name. I feel like I've hit the end of the road trying to find any image that even has this hanging in the background. Has anyone seen this mural before? I have a few more pix if anyone's interested. Thanks.
  7. Back in 1982 I bought a photo album/manuscript at a Boys and Girls Club rummage sale in Venice, Ca, and it had some wonderful pictures of the artists and artwork from the San Francisco Expo. The photos depict the artwork in several stages of development as well as a few photos of the artist themselves working on their canvases. This manuscript list all the artist, their home addresses, and where their artwork is located on Treasure Island. I know not all the artist are not represented as Diego Rivera is not represented in this album. In all the research I have done I have not found any websites that represent the art or artist from the SFGGIE and I was wondering if there was any interest in this facet of the Expo? Once I figure out how to post I will post a couple of examples.