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Randy Treadway

Legacy Building of the Day

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As the sign reads:

The Norway Building

Built by M.Thams & Co. at Strandheim Bruk in Orkanger, near Trondheim, Norway, in the winter of 1892-93, for display at the Chicago World's Fair (The Columbian Exposition) of 1893.

At the closing of the fair the building was moved to the Lake Geneva, Wisconsin estate of C.K.G. Billings, which later became the property of the William Wrigley family.

In 1935, Little Norway's founder, Isak Dahle, had the building dismantled and moved to this location where it was reassembled a third and final time.


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Neighboring Sweden was not to be outdone with its similar Swedish Cottage...

"The Cottage, a model schoolhouse, was built as Sweden's exhibit for the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. At the end of the exposition, Frederick Law Olmsted moved the Cottage to its present site in Central Park."



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