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City Planning And Expo 86

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I'm going to be visiting Vancouver next week to do a little research on the Expo86 site- I'm particularly interested in the City's development plans for the site/area before and after the Expo--what was the history of the area previously, and how did the Expo play a part in its redevelopment? Can anyone help me with this?

thanks much!


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Welcome to the group!

I recently wrote a book on Expo 86 that will be out later this year. In doing so I did research on the site. A good deal of it was an old rail yard owned by Canadian National which was getting very little use. There were also small shipyards, docks, storage yards, etc. In general it was a mixed collection of rundown facilities that had seen better days. There had been a variety of plans on what to do with the area but they were generally small in nature and there didn't seem to be a vision for the area as a whole. Happily Expo came along and they were able to develop a comprehensive plan that they tied into items such as Sky Train, highway improvements, etc.

Hope that helps get you started.


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