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Ny World's Fair 1883

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In 1879 The planning for this Manhatten World's Fair began. Former President Ulysses S. Grant led the fair committee. The first selected site was Central Park. Fair organizers assured New York that some of the permanent structures would become part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art & Museum of Natural History. New Yorkers would have none of it. Organizers then turned to an area between Moringside Park and Riverside Park and between 110th & 125th Streets avocated for use by Frederick Law Olmstead. This did not work because the New York Hospital for the Insane did not want to re-locate. Fleetwood Park in the Bronx, Ravenswood and Astoria in Queens and Prospect Park in Brooklyn were contemplated. Inwood, an area at the northern tip of Manhattan, had willing farmers to sell their farms, but the only site that investors would eventually support was Central Park. Grant, who also supported Central Park, resigned out of frustration in 1881. Below are proposed pictures of the Morningside site and the Inwood site. The New York Public Library has a large collection on this proposed fair in an annex in the 40's area (can't remember which street) which I uncovered about 15 years ago. It was misclassified under a 1853 heading and I found ithis collection by chance while I was searching for material on the 1853 Crystal Palace.





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