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Albert Einstein On Cosmic Rays

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Hi All,

Does anyone have the text to this speech - for the first lighting of the afir? Or does anyone know where I can find it online? I know there is a bit on the Byrd/Johnson documentary, but I need the complete text to frame with the program for the lighting ceremony.

Many thanks,


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It's coming along. We completely re-organized the two welcome sims, and is now much more visually appealing. Paul did a superb job on the NYC building, and we are using a copy of it for an Information Centre on his sim. Troves of information, displays, and kiosks have been added around the site as well. Other than that, however, the overall status remains the same. We desperately need volunteers :)

Also, this reminds me that I need to add an update to both the WF Project Facebook group and the appropriate post on here as well on our progress!!


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Finally done, actually. Ready for publication next June. Still need help with the photos, though. Bill C. is coming through for me big time!

If you can't get the Cosmic Rays article yourself, I can send you a pdf. It's also available at the Einstein Archives Online, but only in German!


Thanks for the heads up. How goes your book?

Hi All. I'm back :)


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