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So what's left?

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I have two poor quality shots of the Dick Button show, really not worth posting. Some of the others have completely eluded me so far though!

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Thanks for the latest photos Bill! These definitely help fill-in some of the gaps!

Allstate / Macy's Leisurama? What's that? And where was it?

Leisurama was model home located in the Industrial Area between Coca Cola and Dynamic Maturity...

post-387-056892500 1277918932_thumb.jpg post-387-058626900 1277919001_thumb.jpg post-387-074045500 1277919035_thumb.jpg

It is very difficult to find a ground-based photograph of it, and I've never seen an iterior shot. However, I do have a press release that shows the floorplan, and I was able to make a digital model of the house in SketchUp a while back for Lori's team to use as a guide:

post-387-010051200 1277919166_thumb.jpg post-387-006828800 1277919262_thumb.jpg

You didn't list the Minnesota Pavilion. I don't have any interiors of that one.

Yeah - In hindsight, there are a few more interior shots of the Federal and State Pavilions that need to be added to my list. I do have the following interior shots of Minnesota that I downloaded from somewhere (my apologies for not giving proper credit to whomever posted these originally):

post-387-060214700 1277919512_thumb.jpg post-387-037993500 1277919519_thumb.jpg post-387-041287700 1277919529_thumb.jpg

American-Israel- we have some really good interior photos on a set of postcards

Berlin- we have an interior exhibit map, one interior photo in a pamphlet, and two interior press photos

Caribbean- several good interiors. Keep in mind that the sides of the building were open to let the breeze come through.

Central America & Panama- 3 good interior photos

Denmark - 11 of them!

Greece- several

Sermons from Science- 1 press photo

Sudan- one interior color slide, plus a postcard showing the Black Madonna exhibit.

Venezuela- one black & white showing President Johnson inside the building

Illinois- we have a few

Hertz- Mike Kraus has a really good one!

Hawaii- plenty of interior photos of the show in the Aloha Theater

I'd love to see these!


PS - Any idea why my attachments all ended up as links in the posting, and thumbnails at the bottom of the page?

I've never seen the forum do that before...

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Yes, it comes up from time to time, and more often the last couple of days.

I usually get to the board through an old bookmark to the old www.peacethroughunderstanding.com address, and it mirrors/leaps me into the new board address.

But yesterday the old address gave me a not authorized/Apache server message.

I tried going straight to the new address manually, and it let me with no problems.

I suspect this anomaly yesterday, and the log-in popup window, are both related to problems with that Apache server software that usually stays "behind the scenes".

I'm using IE8. I suspect the problem is not native to any particular browser.

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(a color shot of a Simmons Sleep alcove with the bed made would also be nice)

It's a sleepy afternoon. I could use one of those.

[not the color shot; an actual alcove bed. -_- ]

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