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Larry L

"Ray in Pasadena"

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While visiting in southern California last week I had the great pleasure to meet Ray-in-Pasadena, Ray Dashner. What an interesting and nice man! Thank you so much Ray for that most excellent tour of Pasadena (a town which had to me hitherto been only a name in an old song about a little old lady!), especially the lost and forgotten places that Ray himself has rediscovered; and thank you for introducing me to your media magnate friend - and worlds fair fan - in L.A., and especial thanks for your unique and outstanding cd's which brought back many memories to me.

Hoodlock, I am sorry that I did not get to meet you when I was back east - hopefully next time. Ray said that you are also a very nice and interesting man.

I'm also sorry that I missed the big July event in Flushing Meadows as I arrived in NY shortly afterwards.

- LL, Greyhound-at-the-Worlds-Fair bus driver and glide-a-ride driver and tour guide (ret.)

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Off Topic:

Oh, yes, Pasadena IS a very neat place, as is the more obscure South Pasadena.

I was very pleasantly surprised by southern California on my first visits, just a few years ago. It's jam-packed with loads of "modern" history, if you care to look for it.

The most NYWF 64/65-like place I've ever seen!

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