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The Iron Triangle Redux

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I love the triangle.

Just got some nice fuel saving highway tires for my 91 GMC Jimmy

$100 for 4 mounted and balanced.

These run at 41 PSI max My mileage went from 21 to 26 MPG highway.

If the Triangle is lost to Yuppies we will be at the mercy of full retail and dealors...only nice if you own a service station.

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I'll miss the triangle. I go there when I need work on my car but unfortunatley what the big developers want, they get. Nobody asks does Flushing really need another 3000 severly over priced high rise residential units (yuppie modules).

I can see the writing on the wall: pretty soon I'll be a NY ex-pat and not by choice.

Jason, are you really sure you want to come back here ?

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