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Urso Chappell

Expo Zaragoza 2008 Visit

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I was expecting it to be small, since it is a "recognized" expo rather than a "sectioned" expo, but I was actually pretty surprised by how much they managed to put on a tiny site.

The great bulk of the interior space on the site is in the three-level building that runs along the northern and eastern ends of the site, which contains all of the national and regional pavilions other than Aragon and Spain. The individual pavilions were on par with what I've seen at other smaller expos, but there were a few standouts such as Germany, Japan, Austria, and Korea.

The Aragon and Spain Pavilions were predictably well done and the Aquarium, not surprisingly, a great addition to not only the expo city but to the city for years to come.

The theme pavilions varied a great deal with some more successful than others. Oddly enough, the more groundbreaking architectural pieces (the Torre del Agua, the Pabellon Puente, and the Palacio de Congreso) were a bit disappointing. I didn't spend nearly as much time in them as I would have expected before going.

The site itself was pleasant and, of the seven expos I've now attended, seemed the most integrated into the city. I stayed at a hotel just across the river from the city center and I had several options for getting to the site, including walking along the river.

I read the beginning entries before my vacation and will have to go see the rest. Bottom line, was it what you expected?

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Hi, thanks for your descriptions here and on ExpoMuseum. Iceberg, via Youtube, looks great. How was the Cirque du Soleil presentation? I'm also a fan of the 'de la guarda' troup, who did Hombre Vertiente. Did they 'fly' all over the place? And were they just 'spectacular' or 'theatrical' or were they able to define a theme?

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