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Construction of the Crystal Palace Dome

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Hello everyone:

I am researching the life and works of Julius H. Kroehl. If anyone has ever heard of him, you probably are thinking of his Sub Marine Explorer in Panama's Pearl Islands and the Fire Watch Tower in Harlem. After a lot of Google searches, I discovered that he was one of the assistant engineers active in the Crystal Palace's construction, and in particular, the Dome. As more texts are uploaded to the internet, the more things I find.

What I would like to find is a group photograph/lithograph of the architects and engineers who participated in the project. To date, there is no known portrait of Kroehl (pronounced "cruel"), though I do have a physical description of him filled out in a passport application from 1854.

I would also like to see a diagram of the dome structure itself, apart from the rest of the building.

His brother Henry was an importer and manufacturer of bristles; he probably had some items on display at the Exhibition.


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Welcome to PTU Maclilus.

I don't know of any such pics but there there are some real sleuths on this forum that might be able to help out.

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