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Randy Treadway

Crystal Palace souvenirs

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A quick survey of Crystal Palace souvenirs on eBay:

a postcard from the 1905 British Colonial Exhibition, held in the Crystal Palace. This was the exhibit for Barbados. ... dZViewItem


some kind of commemorative coin. Not sure when it was produced. ... dZViewItem


an advertising paper sack for Brock's Crystal Palace Fireworks. Brocks produced a nightly fireworks show at Crystal Palace for many decades. The two towers (both of which survived the 1936 Fire but were torn down at the onset of WWII on Winston Churchill's order because they were navigable landmarks being used by Luftwaffe bombers) were named Brock Towers. ... dZViewItem


An 1851 stereoview card ... dZViewItem

autograph of Robert George Windsor-Clive 1857-1923 British politician who led the British government to purchase Crystal Palace to save it from 'urban renewal' developers ... dZViewItem


postcard showing boatmen at the Fairy Archipelago amusement park at Crystal Palace ... dZViewItem


A pocket knife. The price they're asking on this one is incredible- 33 grand! And they're estimating almost twice that. You'd think it must have been owned by Queen Victoria herself. ... enameZWDVW


Another stereoview ... dZViewItem


A postcard view. That's one of Brocks water towers on the left ... dZViewItem


a 1991 postcard reprint ... dZViewItem


a turn-of-the-century photograph ... dZViewItem


An 1874 dual-purpose ticket for an exhibit at Crystal Palace ... dZViewItem


engraved 1855 print from the London Illustrated News, showing ice skating at the Crystal Palace ... dZViewItem


a beautifully engraved silver card case from the 1850's ... dZViewItem


1989 reprint of a 1935 postcard ... dZViewItem


A first edition French illustrated book commemorating the Great Exposition. Be sure and check out the illustrations on eBay ... dZViewItem


lot of 10 vintage Crystal Palace postcards (more photos on eBay) ... dZViewItem


an 1852 print ... dZViewItem


Book exploring the Great Exposition's considerable contributions to Victorian style ... dZViewItem


original 1851 medallion issued by the British government ... dZViewItem



a reprint of a turn-of-the-century postcard showing a Temperance Demonstration inside Crystal Palace. The pipe organ at one time was the world's largest, and one nave, as shown, was fitted with large grandstands for rallies and large meetings. ... dZViewItem


A recent micro-miniature jigsaw puzzle showing the inside of Crystal Palace- to be placed inside a doll house! ... dZViewItem


an original color engraving. I'm not sure what they were appealing for ... dZViewItem


A 19th century clay pipe, with the Crystal Palace on it ... dZViewItem


prints of original 1851 tiled mural exhibits


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Great stuff, Randy-- and it has me wondering if there isn't some way we could have a section on PTU that somehow hot-links to any and every World's Fair & Expo listing on eBay?

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Some more great CP finds! Thanks for posting these. It would have not occurred to me that there was still that much CP landfill out there. Then again, before Bill and Marc's websites I wouldn't have guessed that there was as much 64 NYWF stuff in people's attics as there is either.

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