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Photos from Crystal Palace Park 2007

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After the St Louis Fair, it was dismantled and scrapped. There is still speculation about what happened to the axle (for example, but not very seriously, is it buried in the park?). It was the biggest single piece of steel that ever had been forged, at the time of the Chicago 1893 Fair.

Well that's sad really, if I could figure out exactly where it was in St. Louis, I've been in the park, there are some books

I saw and I'm not sure if they were on the St. Louis or Chicago Fairs or not, but they had one on Lost New York, all the

building that were scrapped, but I thought it was too sad. To me, it looked weird for them to be scrapping the Waldorf-

Astoria for the Empire State Building.

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Great stuff, John! Thanks for uploading all of it!

Meanwhile, there are those who believe that part of the original Chicago 1893 Ferris Wheel wound up being used for a bridge:

"Sections of this Ferris wheel were used to construct a bridge across the Kankakee River, about 45 miles (72 km) south of Chicago, just north of Tefft, Indiana." Joe McKennon (1972) A Pictorial History of the American Carnival, page 39.


Dunn's Bridge - Wikipedia Listing

Dunn's Bridge: Legacy or Legend?

Dunn's Bridge - Restoration Award

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What I have read indicates that when the Crystal Palace was moved and rededicated in 1854, it was increased in size and it served a wide variety of purposes for the next sixty or seventy years (including the Imperial War Museum) until it burned in 1936. Portions that did not burn were demolished in 1941 because it was feared the Luftwaffe could use the enormous towers as a means of locating nearby important structures. Life magazine ran photographs of that 1936 fire and I wonder if those photographs are included in the image links found on Google.

The Columbian Ferris Wheel (1893) took several journeys. It was moved from the South Side of Chicago after the Columbian closed to the North side where it operated for several years but incurred financial losses. It was moved to St. Louis for the 1904 LPE.

The huge Knoxville World's Fair ferris wheel was moved to Darien Lake resort and amusement park in upstate NY (in the Finger Lakes) where it operates today.

The Statue of Liberty was exhibited in various pieces after it was erected in Paris, dismantled and shipped to the US. The arm and torch were a popular attraction at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia and then were moved to Madison Square in NYC where the arm and torch remained as an attraction and a way to raise money to build the pedestal on Liberty Island. The novel, Time and Again by Jack Finney has a wonderful account of the main character visiting the arm and torch in Madison Square in 1880 or so.

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