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Quiz answers

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1. Malaysia Mystery - UN = Sierra Leone (Mike)

2. Korean War - solders trained at the park (Ken)

3. Trolley tour - 30 people (Elizabeth)

4. Plural Green Moustache - IBM puppet show (Gilbert Martin)

5. First paid customer 1965 season - Bruce (Hoodlock)

6. Rodney's tattoo - Rocket Thrower (Richard)

7. Wistful Memory - Larry (Larry)

8. Park bench address - Richard Post (Richard)

9. Names Bruce has used - Six, Bruce, Hoodlock, Martini Bruce, Ecurb, Him (Hoodlock)

10. Person who work at the fair and posts - Larry (Larry)

11. Bean War - A discussion regarding the Unisphere vie Trylon & Perisphere (Bruce)

12. Members who view the BBQ documentary - Four (Bruce, Rodney, Elizabeth and Richard)

13. The General - Civil War Train, Better Living Center (Dave)

14. Money Web-a-thon raise - Bill said $100. I thought $0.00

15. Frank's Unisphere drink - Copy Right Laws (Frank)

16. Lester models were made - Seven small, three large (Bill Y.)

17. Elizabeth Klug postings - Eighty times on the old board, the most.

18. Who are the following?

A. Pierre Montiel - Tour Guide, Historian, Artist

B. Donald DeLue - Sculptor 'Rocket Thrower' (Charles)

C. Morton Gould - Composer, Bell System (Ray)

D. Slime Ball - The guy who sells questionable World's Fair collectibles at Ebay (Mike)

E. Nathan Silver - Author 'The Lost New York' (Bob)

F. Joseph Lynch - Fallen Hero 1940 (Richard)

G. Judd Hirsch - Narrator of World's Fair documentary (Frank)

H. David Oates - Fair enthusiast, Ex-editor for a Queens Newspaper

I. Joseph Ivanick - The name given to the ship under the Varazano Bridge (NYC Model)

J. Gertride Ederle - Swimmer name given to the Aquacade between fairs (Hoodlock)

K. James Mueller - Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Parkee (Hoodlock)

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Bill thought there were $100 in pledges -- Bill accepted none of them. Didn't want anyone to think I was taking cash under the Board (Ultimate Bulletin that is). biggrin.gif


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