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The Unisphere Drink

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Recipe below, (I'm not reproducing any part of the book). Hope you enjoy the fictitious background story.

Exhausted husband comes home from work very late.

HIM: "Terrible commute honey. When are they ever gonna get those monorails installed?"

HER: "Patience dear. Would you like a Sunsphere to relax by?"

HIM: "Don't you mean a Uni...."

HER: ".....Oh, that's right."

HIM: "You bet. I'll get the stuff, you bring the glasses."

(Opens cabinet.)

HIM: "Hmm, let's see.... one part this..... one ounce that...... I can't remember."

HER: "Oh dear, you're too tired. I'll mix them, you get the glasses. bicycletail glasses this time, not those world's fair tumblers of yours."

HIM: "But I haven't baptised the Heliport glass yet."

HER: "Consider it something to look forward to."

HIM: "Do we have enough yo ho ho and a bottle of r--"

HER: "Sure do! Let's see...... I put some ice in a shaker, then add one shot of golden (favorite drink of pirates), one-half teaspoon of Benedictine, one-half teaspoon of Pernod, one teaspoon of grenadine, and one tablespoon of lime juice. I'm almost done hon, let's have some mood music. Turn on the hi-fi. I shake it all up and pour it into a chilled bicycletail glass". [Above ingredients make ONE drink]

(Hi-fi comes on.)


HER: "Not that! I said mood music! Mantovani."

HIM: "Oops, I'll put a tape in."


HER: (Deadpan) "You're ruining the effect, DEAR!"

HIM: "Sorry, ok, here we go. How's those drinks comin?"


HER: "You're gonna be standing on your head in a minute!!!"

(Drinks are ready. Each relaxes on sofa and takes a sip.)

HIM: "Much better".

HER: "Much better".

HIM: "Forget the music, just dim the lights hon, we'll pretend we're on the Futurama ride and it gets stuck."

HER: (Cynically). "Oh, that's romantic".

HIM: "Relax dear, use your imagination. Remember when we were driving last month and we imagined that we were back on the Magic Skyway ride?"

HER: "I don't think the cars on that Ford ride went 75 mph and cut in front of the other riders".

HIM: "They might have if they weren't on those darn tracks."

HER: "You're getting old honey, soon you'll be ready for the Avis Antique car ride".

HIM: "Well now, THAT'S romantic!"

HER: "We all age dear, I was just pondering the world of tomorrow for us".

HIM: "Wrong fair dear WRONG FAIR!!"

HER: "Sorry sorry honey. Just kidding. Hey, meet me at the smoke ring? (wink) Good. Peace, lover...."

(Living room lights extinquished)

HIM: "..... through understanding".

HER: "Always....."

HIM: "..... and forever".

(Suddenly, the room is bathed in a tower of light. Two pajama-clad children, rubbing their eyes, are standing in the corner of the living room.)

HER: "Peter! Wendy! It's late. Go back to bed!".

CHILD: "But Mommy, we're hungry. Can you make us some Bel-Gem waffles?"

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Frank, you'd better go back and put the copyright marking on your post! That story is going to get picked up by someone and used without your permission otherwise!

Well, you can bet it'll be read at the next bicycletail party that serves the Unisphere bicycletail, anyway. And you know what they say about public performance and paying royalties! biggrin.gif

Great story! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


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