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Can anyone ID these pictures?

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Yes, the last photo is of course the GM building, showing the entrance to the "Futurama".

The third photo is the Brazilian Pavillion...I'm not sure what the first and second photos are yet.

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Welcome to PTU, Folz! Good call on the Brazilian Pavilion. Still working on the first one myself. How'd you find us?


Yeah I found this site, probably through google, last July. I posted a question regarding

where the international workers might have lived while they were in New York working

at the Fair. Got some good responses. Then kind of forgot about the site for a while, as

work got really busy for me.

I've been fascinated by the Fair since I was a kid...my Grandmother went to the Fair (back

when my Dad was a boy) and she gave me her memorbilia. Since then I've done a bit of reading

and research on the Fair...although I'm sure no where near what some on this board have done.

Look forward to checking in more regularly and learning/sharing more about the Fair.

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