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Ray in Pasadena


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For all of the new PTU subscribers who may have missed this previous posting, I repeat it here for your enjoyment.



There are four scenes, each spaced about twenty years apart.

1) What time is it? Just before the turn of the century." (About 1899?)

2) Twenty years later. (Around 1919)

3) "It's the frantic forties". (About 1940)

4) Christmas season, mid-sixties. (About 1964)

In (1) the suction vacuum cleaner operates on "one boy power". The "boy" must be a family member (otherwise child labor laws would have been violated). The mom (Sarah) and the dad (narrator) must be in their early thirties to have a son able to operate the vacuum (maybe age ten). Jane, the daughter, is getting ready to go on a trolley ride (hayrides are old fashioned). Jane must be at least fourteen years of age to be allowed to go on a trolley ride with her friends. So far, we can count on there being two children in the family.

2) In scene #2, Jane, coming home from a date, lingering... Mother says "Jane, it's after 9:30". "Yes, mother", says Jane. By adding 20 years to Jane’s' age, she is about 34 at this point and still dating. The mom and dad must be in their early fifties.

3) "It's the frantic forties and the kids are back in school". Mom and dad must be around 70 at this point. Daughter Jane is on an electric exercise machine talking on the phone about going to a dance with Wilfred. She must be about 54 years old and still going to "dances". In the meantime, grandma and grandpa have advanced to around 95 years of age.

4) It's now Christmas season (in the mid-sixties). Mom and dad must now be in their middle nineties. Mom says, "The children are at the airport to meet grandma and grandpa" who are now about 124 years old. Grandpa still plays golf and his score is in the eighties. The "children" can't possibly be the same as those in the first scene, since they are in their seventies and are not children any more.

We must conclude that the children that went to the airport were adopted twelve years prior and are still in their teens. So there had to be four children, two natural born and two adopted. They also owned at least four dogs in sixty-five years, all of whom growled at visitors.

Ray Dashner

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