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Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

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Angelyne! Hell, I followed her home!

Her anonymous pink 'Vette with LEANLUV (something like that, at the time) plates waited ahead of us at a red light crossing Wilshire, where that billboard-sitter went for a record circa '82. After a few blocks she turned into an apartment's ground level garage and the gate closed behind her. We took pictures through the bars.

I think the statute of limitations expired, so I may's well tell you we did the same thing at some guy's Holmby Hills mansion on Charing Cross Rd.

Vanity plates were the LA rage in '80. A bodacious blonde friend got the plate "KS'N'TL" or however you'd abbreviate, 'kiss and tell'.

Gone in a week. She said they got her, 'too much attention,' and didn't discuss it further. They can't all be California Girls.

Anyway, so back to Cab Calloway... Yeah, I heard of him! What was the ques... Oh! Sorry, I thought you said, Cal Worthington!

...Just contributing to worlrdlsfairent's Topical Slide. Trying to make the world a better place.

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Oh! Sorry, I thought you said, Cal Worthington!

My office here in Long Beach is within spitting distance of Cal Worthington. And his dog Spot.

I heard a few years ago they were filming a TV commercial on the lot over there and Spot (who that day happened to be a lion) got away from his handlers and was running up and down between the rows of cars, and car salesmen were running for their lives. But it turned out that Spot was old and had few teeth left, and had been declawed. Wouldn't harm a fly.

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An explanation is probably in order- Cal Worthington is a car dealer in California with dealerships in both southern California and northern California.

His TV commercials- for decades- have him telling us about this pretty little 'Tye-ota'- a real honey, etc., but first an announcer introduces him (wearing a Texas cowboy hat that's bigger than the state of Texas) as 'Cal Worthington and his dog Spot!'. Only the gag is- Spot is NEVER really a dog. It's a lion, a tiger, a camel, anything EXCEPT a dog.

Here are some video samples and several satire versions (that's what happens after somebody becomes a pop legend):

http://www.youtube.com/results?search_q ... arch_type=

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Thanks for the Go see Cal gloss.

Do you remember the Fox?

In the late '70s-early '80s, he had a saloon on Santa Monica Blvd (?) near the Cinerama theatre where he played piano and sang Take Me Out to the Ball game and other 'sing-a-longs.'

But his claim to fame was beer quaffing. Not 'chugging', but 'inhaling.' He had a head like a bullfrog and could not only down a mug in a second but do so standing on his head!

I lived above his attorneys on Pomona in Belmont Shore and they turned me on to him. Was told he was featured in a TV spot during the '84 Olympics.

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On 3/15/2007 at 5:02 PM, CartierBP said:

Your lists are pretty impressive - it's tougher for those of us who don't live near NYC or LA to rack up such names. I have a few, but some are a bit obscure -


From my Nantucket jaunts-


Jerry Stiller

Ann Meara

John Kerry

Johnny Carson

Tim Russert


And nearby Martha's Vineyard-


Walter Cronkite


And the general list...


Jay Leno

Edith Massey

Skip Suddeth

Albert Speer

Jay Giles (lives near me)

Mikhail Gorbachev

Mitt Romney

EDITH MASSEY??????????????? OMG! To me that's a as "good" as Speer!

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